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Dragon Age: Origins

Who out there has this game? I'm thinking about getting this for my wife for her birthday this June, because she loves adventure RPG games. She has Oblivion and also The Witcher, and after reading many reviews it seems like Dragon Age would be an excellent RPG that she would like. I also read that an expansion is coming out soon.

I assume there are dragons in the game. Are they cool looking and well thought out? Are they all vicious dragons? One thing that bothers my wife is that dragons are mainly looked at as vicious creatures, when there are stories out there that show dragons in a different light.
I don't know about Dragon Age as I don't have it (yet) I'm waiting for the inevitable game of the year version which should hopefully include all the DLC and maybe the expansion too.

One game you might want to consider is Divinity 2: Ego Draconis. In that game you start out as a trainee dragon hunter but events conspire to change your allegiances. Suffice to say you can shape shift into a dragon in that game. Which might appeal.
Dragons appear to be approached a bit differently than the usual in Dragon Age. I haven't gotten too far into the game, and it seems like a game that will present twists on you from your perceptions gained early on to show them to be all wrong later... so bear that in mind Razz The dragons I've encountered have been beasts... but it hints that they are of demonic orgins or something, rather than the more standard fantasy approach to them. I appears as though the major organizer of evil in the game is a dragon, but that's presented in dream-like visions, open to interpretation.

Dragons aside, DA:O is an absolutely awesome, worthwhile RPG. One of the first in the fantasy genre for quite a while. Even if she doesn't like how dragons are handled, the game itself is pretty immersive and impressive. I don't think you can go wrong with Dragon Age if she likes RPGs.
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