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What can I do with a spare Foloppy disk Port


My Win7 Dell™ OptiPlex™ 755 Small Form Factor Computer has no Floppy drive. The mother board has an empty floppy drive connector (DSKT).

Is there anything I can add to my computer to use this floppy drive connector? My computer is a small Form Factor Computer but is still powerful E8400 processor. I want to get the most out of it..

Thank You..
Probably nothing useful since it is ancient Wink
Floppy drive
Zip disk drive (who uses those anymore anyway?)
Hard drive
Cooling fan
Input/Output connections
Fan/audio controls

Also, I once used a 3.5" bay to mount a power switch when I added a second power supply to my computer.
My latest mobo doesn't even have a connector for for a floppy. It's my first without one and I was jonsing about it for a long time. But, a year later, I haven't missed it. Thumbdrives are so much more reliable and larger capacity than a floppy, you won't miss not having one. Make sure you have plenty of USB ports.
Ocalhoun had some really good ideas. Mine is similar, some cooling fan systems that work for computers work really well with the actual power cable that would have powered your floppy disk drive. Grabbing a spare fan can increase the longevity of your computer.

Other then that, USB ports are far more useful. Firewire, however, is the way to go if we're talking about data transfer.
I don't think you can do much with the actual floppy connector off the mobo, most likely for FDD only.
Install a floppy drive and overclock it into a hard drive Very Happy
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