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Perfect world

just wanted to see if anybody here plays perfect world..its kinda like a world of warcraft type game but its free so i like it more Smile
I tried to play it once.....but the server kept rejecting me
I play it once in a while. I haven't played in a long time but whenever I feel like playing more MMOs I pick up Perfect World wheneverI got nothing else to do.
i play wow though, although perfect world has good graphics but i still dont know why i cant play it more XD
I recently tried Perfect World and I didnt like it, I played World of Warcraft first so the movement was not enjoyable, it more a personal prefrence instead of a game issue. I have tried many games and it resulted in the same problem. I am sticking with World of Warcraft between the two as i'ts more enjoyable to me Smile

I am also gonna eventually try Guild Wars 2 when it comes out, not sure if it has yet. I also wanted to try Stars wars and Lord of the rings since it begame Free to play. Very Happy
Perfect World (Chinese: 完美世界, commonly abbreviated as PW and W2), is a 3D adventure and fantasy MMORPG with traditional Chinese settings. Players can take on various roles, including swordsmen, magicians, archers, priests and magical creatures. Characters develop skills over time, use magical weapons and team up with other players to fight against monsters and various creatures and to conquer and govern territories. It was launched in January 2006.[1].
Perfect World is heavily based on Chinese mythology and is set in the mythical world of Pangu.
I played it for a tiny bit with a friend, but we stopped after about an hour because we didn't find it particularly fun.
I played this game for like a day and I started lagging like crazy. I couldn't figure out the problem at all until I went into window mode and everything turned out fine, but I didn't like the fact that I had to play Perfect World in window mode. The way they designed their game just eats away at your fps. I can play Crysis on high with everything maxed, yet perfect world lagged me. I never went back to the game after that lag fest.
i played once but i didnt like it.
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