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Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year Fall Onto the Same Day

Celebrate this year special event when Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year fall onto the same day, February 14, 2010. It is only the third time since 1900, let's welcome “Chinese New Year”, the Year of Tiger on the same day of “Valentine's Day”.

What will you do on this day?

Happy a Valentine's Day and Happy a Chinese New Year to all fellow Frihosters, hope all have a nice year and great life. Very Happy

And who knows how many new lifes would start on chinese new year this time... :-p
Does this have a special meaning? Will something speciall happen on that day?
@goutha. Perhaps one can make it special if you like. You have an opportunity to invite someone to a romantic dinner or send them a Valentine card. Or watch some nice fire works on occasion of Chinese New Year. There seems to be many festive activities organized in celebration of Chinese New Year in all of the big cities.
goutha wrote:
Does this have a special meaning? Will something speciall happen on that day?

@goutha. here's the parade of the celestial undulate, the block-long golden dragon and a retinue of fabulous Chinese folklore figures. (San Francisco's Chinatown)

and here's in Thailand...

maybe a big celebration for chinese people...aside from celebrating chinese new year for them...they maybe also celebrate valentines day...its a double celebration...mostly, they have a parade, a dancing dragon where you can see in the streets or in some chinese restaurants..
what will I do..? Probably absolutely nothing.
This is great for me. I suck at thinking of things to do on valentines day and since my girlfriend is Chinese, we'll be spending valentines day/ chinese new year's with her family! Saves me the trouble of planning something and she can't complain! All I need is to get her some flowers and i'm set!
yes,this new year is chinese tiger year,and same time with valentine's day. feb.14th. and it's my cousin's birthday.

happy new year new day new time to you all !
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