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Notepad2 - saving in wrong folder.

To give a bit of background, I've installed (and been very happy with) Notepad2, twice over the past two years (the reasons - new computers and new hardrives). I've used it almost every day, without any problem, on my website (that's on my 'C' drive - not up online, as yet).

A couple of weeks ago (another new hard drive!) I installed it, yet again, in the same way, as before, using a batch file named 'repl.bat'. Notepad2 runs okay except when I try to save a modified page because, for about 40 pc of the time, it wants to save the page in the 'Temporary Internet folder' and not in the folder it came from.

I then have to work my way back up and down the folders to manually locate where it did come from and this is a great bind and a right pain in the posterior I've tried everything I can think of and searched the Internet for clues but I seem to be the only one with this problem.

I'm beginning to wonder if IE8 could have something to do with it as I've installed it again, having previously replaced it with IE7, on my previous hard drive, because of problems it caused.

Sorry for the long explanation but I'm getting desparate and wanted to give all the info that I could.
Is it possible you've overlooked something simple like a setting in the preferences that controls where the working folder is? For example, I've used Edit Plus for years, and it has a setting that says "File Open dialogue restores previous directory" which simply means it goes to the last directory you opened a file from. The save function follows the setting too. Once you save to the directory it remembers it even after you close and reopen the program.

I'm sure you've already looked for that, but I had to throw it out there. I'm interested in Notepad2 now, so maybe I'll download it and see if I can duplicate the issue. After all, it might also be related to IE8 like you said, and I've got that installed on my pc.
Thanks for your reply. I had, as you said, already checked, in Notepad2, everything that I felt might influence where the pages were saved but there's nothing in 'Preferences' nor 'Settings' (the most likely).

I liked Notepad2 very much, before, and I still use it but this probelm means that I have to go through 'Save as' every time, and I swear this never happend before I installed IE8. It's time-consuming when I have to go up the folder 'tree' and, then, back down to find the folder from where the progam picked it up (or should have done). It's strange because for a whole day everything was okay and I began to relax but, then, half-way through the following day, it began again.

Watching the path, Notepad2 seems to, sometimes, pick the page up from the 'Temporary Internet Folder' even though I've cleared it out several times. Again, strangely enough, some pages always save in the right place while others never do - except on that one day!

I've emailed 'Flo', who created Notepad 2, but, so far, haven't had a reply. My suspicions, however, are with IE8.

Thank you for your reply and I hope Notepad2 works for you - it used to for me!
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