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5.4 million, and the media is silent - the Congo war

Why the everloving hell does this have to happen?

From the article:

The barbaric civil war being waged here is the most lethal conflict since World War II and has claimed at least 30 times as many lives as the Haiti earthquake... A peer-reviewed study found that 5.4 million people had already died in this war as of April 2007, and hundreds of thousands more have died as the situation has deteriorated since then.

And the killing isn't simply bullets and grenades. It's the systematic invasion of small villages; the torture and murder of men; the rape and murder of women; the rape, kidnapping, and forced imprisonment or servitude of children as young as 6 years, and perhaps younger. Children too young to walk or whose bodies are too small to provide "sexual pleasure" to the militants are slaughtered. Young boys are given guns and told to fight for the militants, or they too will be killed. Little girls are given to grown soldiers as "wives", made to work as slaves and sex toys; they do not long survive the fighting and harsh life in the jungle.

This is unconscionable. And because we aren't directly effected by it, we ignore it. Just like we ignored Haiti for twenty, thirty years or more...

C'mon, humanity.
Totally agreed quex. It gets to me too. Genuine torture, killing mayhem and the world seems to be looking the other way when it gets to the Congo. In the first wave villages got destroyed and "raped" by enemy soldiers, then in the after math, when their own soldiers got unemployed, they took their turn in doing the exact same thing with their own villages. Would be great if the same energy that has gone into Haiti, could also make its way to Africa. Lots of suffering there, not only in the Congo, but Somalia, Aids-stricken Zimbabwe, Angola, just to name a few. I have to agree with you, why is the media silent? If we consider the attention the media paid to Hamas and Israel at the beginning of last year, amazing that there is so little reported about what is going on in the Congo. Almost as though the world has given up.
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