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Your favorite comedies of all time


Mine has to be Airplane! Classic humor, you can't go wrong with that.
Monty Python, in most shapes and forms that it comes in!
Hard to say..

Monty Phyton movies are real great Cool
I think I watched all of them Cool

I also like the American Pie movies.
And I watched also all the scary movies and Epic Movies Cool Very Happy

If you wanna try something else you should watch Bud Spencer and Terrance Hill movies. A bit old but the fights are real funny.

Also is jacky Chan. I love how he uses all his attributes around them to fight with Cool
"Schillerstraße" - a german comedy show.

It is a unscript theater, where the people have to play act without a script. They have a little headseat in their ears, so they sometimes get instructions how to behave in a certain situation - it is really fun..
my mom's new boyfriend
Dr. Strangelove or Young Frankenstein would be pretty much tied for my favorite, I don't want to choose just one!
The Hangover's one darn funny movie. I was laughing all throughout the entire film. It's a really really good comedy film.
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay -- super funny story
I love classic BBC comedies. Fawlty Towers is a great favourite particularly the episode about the "Waldorf Salad".

I have to say, my two favourites are probably The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off... Although I love Hot Fuzz.
sin duda mi serie favorita es the middel
deanhills wrote:
I love classic BBC comedies. Fawlty Towers is a great favourite particularly the episode about the "Waldorf Salad".

omgosh Dean, I was thinking about Fawlty towers a few days back, and was thinking of downloading it again and rewatching it. That was real funny serial.

I still love According to im serial, which ended, and find it really funny.

Also the movie Hangover was funny, and also due date, as well as knocked up. Laughing
Where to start? I suppose, in terms of sheer number of viewings, Cool Runnings. In terms of number of quotes, probably Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Oh, and television series, most probably Black Books.
what´s your opinion about the simpsoms?
many peaple think that its burnt
I recently got hooked on to classic British Television Comedy. Some of the most notable shows are:
- Fawlty Towers
- 'Allow 'Allow
- Fools and Horses
- Are You Being Served

If you want me to pick just one, I would say, go for "Are You Being Served". It is more witty and slapstick comedy.
Stripes w/ Bill Murray.
"I Love You, Man" starring Paul Rudd and Jason Seigel
My name is Earl rules
I'm also like Comedy show.
But i like my native language Comedy show.

-250 Post.
anything with robin williams is funny to me or chris rock and chris tucker.
No mention of The Big Lebowski?! Granted, it's not the best comedy of all time, but it is absolutely fantastic. Although, that's just like [my] opinion, man.
Mine all time favorite comedy tv show are
Tom & Jerry
That 70s show.
Mr. Bean Comedy Series
Ugly Betty
All time favorite comedies are hangover 1 ,,,good luck chuck,,,last night i was watching the rebound online.....i think its also a very good comedy...
My favorite comedy movies are God must be crazy 1 and God must be crazy 2. Those are so fun !!!
Hang over of course....... Also for tv It would have to be my name is Earl lol
I don't like movies so much, so I always watch TV series, and my favorite TV serie (comedy) is The big bang theory. Sheldon makes me laugh all the time, he's really funny. I'm sad that this serie ended Sad
Ha ha. Airplane is great!
Mine are The Naked Gun, Top Secret and Seinfeld.
First i was fond of "Friends".,
Then "How i met your Mother" took over.,
Finally i am in love with "The Big Bang Theory".,
TBBT is the ultimate and is a must watch if you have not already done so.
Tv... the funniest show ever was Summer Heights High, also The Office (English version). The funniest thing in TV right now is TBBT.
watched many funny movies of the different actors but The most fovorite funny movies of mine is Jim Carrey, his The Mask and Cable Guy is my best movies.
there are some really great German speaking one, from both Germany and Austria. Very great is the German comedian Michael Mittermaier.
As good as it gets, You've got mail and My best friends wedding. all romantic comedies, but I like those and they don't make them like they used to any more Sad
I love How High Surprised
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