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Social Networking System

Well, I've been trying to think of a suggestion, and I finally thought of one.

Invision Power Board, and I think maybe even vBulletin to some extent, has a friends system, kinda like a social networking thing, and they're able to post stuff on their profile page, accept friend invites etc..

I remember a forum I used to be part of, I was a developer for them... And they had vBulletin and they were running a script like I'm describing, and it was kind of like myspace, but a bit more graphical, where you could drag and drop certain boxes with different bits of info. It was really cool.

I think maybe you should implement something like this, it might promote more activity on frihost (since it kinda be like facebook Razz which might get addicting for some people Wink ) , or if not, it would be a great way for people on frihost to get to know each other better.

If it should have any features, it should have the ability to add more info about yourself (more than what phpbb already offers), and of course, have options to show/hide info to certain people.
If possible users should be able to upload a photo of themself if they wish (maybe have up to x amount of photos allowed for any user).

Also, another cool feature, would of course be something similar to facebook's status feature.
Users could post what's on their mind, in a few words.

Theres really a lot of features that could be added.. I'm just thinking, integrate some sort of social networking script that would fit nicely with phpbb.

Thanks for reading!
I have already thought about adding more 'user features'.However, there doesn't seem that much interest in them. On the contrary, some users here have said they don't want it since they don't want Frihost to turn into a 'lame' facebook/myspace since the major thing here are the 'quality' discussions and some friend chit-chat might ruin it.

I will most likely add a few features, like more information options, maybe some user-specific topics (extended introductions, that kind of thing) and the photos is also something I thought about. I first thought about creating some easy image-upload features and doing quite some things with them. However, this would take way too much time, so I'll probably keep it simple and use an image hosting service like imgur and provide a photo album or things like that.
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