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Does anyone play StarCraft?

Well? Does anyone? I play on the west coast server.
I see starcraft players.....
But only when my eyes are OPEN.

Everyone, at one point or another- played SC.
Yeah, I used to play it here and there way back, but not anymore.
I play it sometimes. But I like it not so much!
Well hmmmmmmmmm no.
I never liked SC or WC much =/
Only really liked C&C:RA2 and AOE2.
Heh, I used to play SC religiously, but not much anymore. Although, whenever I go to friends houses for LAN parties, we'll occasionally bust out SC. Plus, we found this kickass distro of SC, that's like, 1GB for SC and BW, so it's really portable and small, easy installation, and lite. (BTW, we didn't pirate it, we all own SC and BW [else we couldn't play online], so it's not illegal to have a backup copy)
lol...might play this again after my comp is too slow to play the latest games now =)

but it's a real good game i agree!
IMO Starcraft has reached immortality.. There are still many players out there and its a very good game.. It has a huge number of follwers.. I guess Blizzard was very succesful on this one.. The three races are totally distinct yet there is a sense of balance in terms of gameplay..

I myself play this game from time to time and I never grew tired of it.. Its always fun to play with other people (AI is very cheap).. Starcraft is a very rich game.. A game so simple to learn but with deep strategies..
I haven't played Starcraft in ages. Great game though. Go Zerg!
Stafcraft is supposed to be the most balanced game ever created...

It's pretty old but still very popular, hell it's still a sport in Korea >.>
Monkeydog wrote:
Stafcraft is supposed to be the most balanced game ever created...

It is. I haven't been playing it now that I'm making this website... about Starcraft... Oh well... now I like WOW though.
I used to play StarCraft during from 1998 up to 2001. But sadly, not anymore these days.

All my buddies have stopped playing it that is why I also decided to move on and find another strategy games worth wasting my time. lolz Very Happy

The only games closest to StarCraft well-balanced strategy gameplay is Warcraft 3 (Well, that makes any sense isn't it?) and currently spending my time playing it online.
Reaver Drop for the win.

so yeh ive played starcraft a lot before ^^;
I played this game at least 2 hours a day it took my life for now its hanging on the wall
StarCraft II was the first strategy game I played. I liked the clan Protoss. It is one of the best strategy games ever made. In my feeling, all other strategy games just borrowed ideas from this game. I liked starcraft so much that I went on to play Starcraft I after I had played II. Multiplayer is also very much fun!! But I would prefer AOE II multiplayer to this anytime!!
I think sigs are stupid.
Keshav wrote:
StarCraft II was the first strategy game I played.

Hmmmmmmm... wanna know something? There is no Starcraft II that has been released by Blizzard.
I'm a huge Starcraft fan, but I don't play anymore. It was a little too addicting.
Hi all !

I've played startcraft for two years... I was kind of addict on this game, but finally, after being second on ladder, I stopped this game ... and now i will never touch it again, i was addict on a nother game this time LOL

Anyway have fun !

SC is so addicting.... but I don't play it now. Now I'm addicted to Quake 4.
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