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The Book of Eli

I saw The Book of Eli on Saturday and, although it made me think hard for about an hour afterwards to understand it, it was a fantastic film and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Has anybody else seen it?
I haven't seen it but the name sounds intresting
I didnt really know alot about this film so i googled the trailer for it. Couple friends saw it and said it wasnt up to their expectation or thought it could have been better.
Just like lethaltriad, the trailer made it look boring for me but I've been hearing a lot of good things about this movie from people's facebook status updates. I don't know if I can trust that though becuae everyone of my friends were raving about Avatar, but I only thought it was okay. I loved Denzel Washington in "Man on Fire" but dosen't look like he fits in this moive very well from the trailer. I guess I'll have to read some more reviews before I decide to watch it.
I already watched it and its nice..
Denzel Washington is the shizness!
Even though Book of Eli is watchable but Book of Eli could be better. Book of Eli should just be an action movie and not pretend or try put in a political message. If the director set his sight on making Book of Eli a badass action movie, Book of Eli will definitely be more entertaining. But as Book of Eli try to be what it is not, it became like something is missing from Book of Eli, It feel empty and without substance.... Waterworld immediately came to mind.....

But apart from all that, Denzel is, as always, awesome. But it do seems that Denzel does not take the movie too seriously and it just another walk on the park for him......

In all fairness, watch Book of Eli and be entertain by it.......
I found the plot very shallow. Denzel made the movie look good.
BOOOOOOOOOORING..... i fell asleep at the cinema oO
watched it last wekend..awesome movie im gonna be watching it many more times and also recommend it to everyone
I watched it a week ago. I thought the movie was okay. The setting and action scenes were cool but it was kind of obvious what the book actually was.
well your supposed to know what the book is..the whole movie is about the action and preserving the book, not letting it fall in the wrong hands and keeping the worlds fate out of those who were already beyond it's help
I saw it 2 weeks ago, and I liked it, after getting good reviews from my friends.

It does send a message across, and some may take it as a political message, but overall, it is a good story, and makes one think.
If you've not seen it, I won't spoil it for you, but there is a lot of action, but apart from that, it requires paying close attention to.
I have not seen, but already downloaded Very Happy
I am a big fan of Gary Oldman and was the real reason I went to see the film. And I loved the beginning. But the last time was a disappointment. It is really like two movies stitched together. I do not mind the religious part of the movie, I just want to be put in place better. If I had a better ending, the film would have been surprising. I have it yet, but it would have been better.
as many Denzel Washignton movies, great!
This movie was great, actually the story line was quite interesting. I like the idea of having the bible being the number one thing sought in the world and Denzel was the only one who had a copy. People tried to fight to get it but in the end, the bible was meant for Denzel only. The whole bible was onloy accesible to the blind.
i got this movie the day it came out and after watching it i realized oh my god i should have seen this in theater.... awesome movie...

I also agree i had to think long and hard after the movie was over to fully understand it , i realized later i missed about 2 minutes of the film and it must have been an important 2 minutes... seeing this topic reminded me i have to watch it all the way through again.
Watched it. It's a okey movie but not so great IMO. Not good as I had expected.
I have not seen it yet, it seems that a lot of people either liked it or did not see it. It is not a movie that I really care about seeing, and it seems that others have the same view.
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