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The gaining popularity of commentLuv among bloggers

Its been recent I started to notice the work 'this blog is commentLuv enabled' when I was going to drop some comments after reading posts. To my utmost surprise, after I type my website url in provided text box the title of my recent post of that website is automatically pulled and even linked? My Goodness! I typed the comment and submitted. then I check I was linking to my post from that comment with two links? One of my website the homepage and another of commentLuv plugin that linked with my recent post of my blog. this way it was great helpful for deeplevel link developing.

I was so attracted with the system that I started to make a search of the plugin to incorporate into my own blog. It was very obvious that I was going to get lots of visitors and commenters on my blog after I use commentLuv. Because after I commented on the blogs with the plugin enabled I hardly find an interest to comment on those posts which has not used commentLuv enabled. It was true. I started to get lot of traffic and comments too! without much effort.

Because I was using Blogger platform it was bit hard for me to find right solution becuase there are no redymade plugin for blogger blog. Anywhere where there is will there is way.

If you are interested to use it I have written the procedures and methods on my blog ICT Trends. You can find the link on my signature. I'll be always eager to help you if you contact me.
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