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PHP on server without database

I need to set up a simple php based website on a university server. It would need basic data from a database, mostly news entries. I'm not sure yet how much control I have except I know there is php installed. I'm pretty sure you cannot use the database unless you request it and get approved and I'm just assuming I won't go that route. Anyway, is there a good database replacement I could use that stores data in flat files? Or will I have to build a simple system myself for that purpose?

Looking for suggestions of what people have used and what works. Thanks!
Try to look on hotscripts maybe you will find something for your needs. But if you need something specific then is better to create own sistem.

sqllite sounds like what you're looking for
If you can use sqlite then that's great. Using flat files can be very complicated when it comes into simultaneous file update (i.e. 2 requests needing to write to the same file at the same time).
CouchDB is a relatively new database management system, designed from the ground up to suit modern software applications that tend to be web-based, document-oriented, and distributed in nature.

For several decades now, relational database management systems have reigned supreme in application and database development, with the likes of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL being used in every type of software application imaginable.

Many of these developers were prolific at SQL, and open source relational databases such as MySQL simply made the most sense. Today, MySQL is used on millions of web sites across the world.

Although the strict schema-based structure these databases adhere to is required in some web applications, such as transaction systems, it is not a good fit for many modern web projects, such as blogs, wikis, and discussion forums, which by their nature are a better fit to a document-oriented database like CouchDB.
rvec wrote:
sqllite sounds like what you're looking for

Any php requirements?

The server runs 5.2.9 and I saw in the php doc something about PDO. My phpinfo just says:

PDO support   enabled
PDO drivers    mysql

So far I'm having trouble getting it to work in php. I can get sqlite running over ssh, but I think it is not included in the php that is installed.
I also think that sqllite would be your best route. Working with large flat files can become a very troublesome task that eats up lots of resources.

About a year ago, I ran a tool that integrated with an online, text-based game, and to get user data from the game into the tool, I had to copy a flat file to my server every 24 hours with updated data. I used cURL, which was no problem, but once the file was on my site, it become very difficult to handle.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
Well I'm emailing the administrator of the computer systems. I may be able to get MySQL access or they may add php support for sqlite (which is apparently disabled). I guess I'll go one of these routes hopefully.

I've used the following software for using a flat-file database in php, I've created a few sites off this.. They all work wonderfully, it's pretty close to as powerful as mysql for what the average developer would use mysql for. So it can definitely work for you, it'd just be a matter of you getting comfortable with is format of querying and such...

Check it out, txtSQL.

Hope you find what your looking for.
snowboardalliance wrote:
I need to set up a simple php based website on a university server. It would need basic data from a databas.................!

well you could use this way,well, i used it for a chat program so please forgive for the terrible bugz
$nameg = $_GET[nameou];
$messg = $_GET[mess];
$filename = "mess.html";
$content = "$nameg WROTE $messg<br>________________________________<br>";
if (is_writable($filename)) {

    if (!$handle = fopen($filename, 'a')) {
         echo "Cannot post to server";

    if (fwrite($handle, $content) === FALSE) {
        echo "Cannot do the work";

    echo "Success, done posting . go to back to index.php";


} else {
    echo "The file is having some problems";
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