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Where do you go for advice?

=Topic title says it all=

Well, I usually go to my online sis that I've known for 16 Years, so If I have a problem or something goes wrong, I go to her for advice on what I should do.

That's what I usually do, How about you guys?
For me It's usually multiple people. First are usually four of my gamer buddies who I met online 6 years ago. I pretty much consider them both brothers. They're usually quite helpful. I usually go to them for "a shoulder to cry on" ... so to speak lol. Usually after a bad breakup , they're the first I would go to.

Second, would be specific girls on my contacts, who I'd ask for advice on asking girls out etc. (though I haven't done this in a few years.. was something done when I was younger. Now I just use psychology and do a critical analysis of a girl's personality, and try to get in their head, if I like them.)

Third, would be both my grandparents, whom I've lived with since I was a young child. They always gave me good advice, words of wisdom, and things of the sort growing up. Typically, if I was going for a job interview or something, I'd ask them for advice. (Again, not something I'd do much these days)

Lastly, if all else fails, I always have my dad for things like..... logic . and anything that involves deep thinking or strategy rofl. He's one of those guys you would picture playing chess with, and end up getting beat in a short amount of moves.

One group of people I didn't mention, is my group of friends.. While they're really close, I wouldn't consider taking advice from them.... Just because of certain "decisions" they choose to make on their own.
That's good to hear, those are things I would do too. Or Try to.
depends on what kind of advice..

either my parents, or the internet!
I seek spiritual and mundane advice from a few friends who are wise and understanding.
I also seek advice from inspirational books by opening at random.
Depending on the situation, but online is usually my first place to go. I usually just search on Google. But, if it's something like "should I stay in this class or not?" type of thing I tend to ask my friend that is also doing the same major as me, or my boyfriend.
soljarag wrote:
depends on what kind of advice..

either my parents, or the internet!

Yes Right, I too agree... it depends on what kind of advice is needed. See for example if their is a very geeky thing then I wont ask my parents for it's solution and lets say if there is any advice on financial matter than one would not go for online friends normally.

So, what I would like to say is if the advice is based on intelligence and experience I would prefer going to my parents, if the advice is for educational matters I would prefer going to my teaachers, pals and peers. and like wise for other matters...
A few years back I found out I had a cousin who could be my sister, we look quite a bit alike, even though she's around 9 years older than me. Besides the similarities in appearance, we're alike in personality, we share a lot of the same interests and if I find myself in a tough situation, she's most likely been there before.

As well as being able to trade books and such, she's a lot of help with advice and everything, it's nice to have someone who's been there and knows what kind of person you are.
Nobody to ask, have to rely on myself. Now Internet helps to gather some background information.
My big sister, very reliable person she is Smile
For advice...I usually try to hear to all sort of people...all of my friends and family, co-workers, read books and google...and then I sit down with all that info in my head and try to figure out what my heart tells me to do.

Of course it depends on advice on what kind of thing. But each person is different, and I am different from anybody else...that's why I like to gather a lot of info and then come up with the solution that I think best fits me.
Sometimes I go to friends or family, but most of the time I aks my parents Cool
When they don't know it or they aren't home then I search the internet.
internet is good place for advice
yahoo answers or just google~!
other than that, I usually just ask my friends..
It really depends on the advice I need, if it's soemthin serious il go to my parents first, but if not too bad then I'll go to my friends. It just makes more since to me.
frihost is there to seek advices is just an email away.... i also seek advices from my very close friends....
I don't know, but I've never been really open with my sisters or parents so I don't go to them. I don't go to my family for advices outside academics. Sometimes, I go to online communities and ask people about the situation. Most of the time, I go to my friends for advice. When the situation is a grave matter, I usually ask only those who are closest to me. I don't really seek advices much, what I normally just want to do is to tell someone my problem. They don't have to speak, listening is all I really need. someone who'd undertand what I'm going through.
Ryox wrote:
=Topic title says it all=

Well, I usually go to my online sis that I've known for 16 Years, so If I have a problem or something goes wrong, I go to her for advice on what I should do.

That's what I usually do, How about you guys?

Haha that's the exact same thing I do! I've been friends with this one girl that I meet online for around 2 years now and we are like so close I call her my little sister she is 1 year younger than me (not a perv). Anyway I go to here for like everything. She is awesome!
Google, and then Yahoo answers. lol
my penpal... or google
Internet is great to find advice on tons of subject.

If this doesn't work I go too see my best friend and/or my brother which always help me when I need something.
Utopia GFR
Well, for professional advice I go to my boss and for private advice, I usually talk to my ring of friends (usually more than one person).

I don't really have a confidant and I feel kindda uncomfortable if I have to talk to physicians on that matter.

One of the best things on the Internet is that you only need a computer and probably some multimedia (audio-video) device to get some chatting purposes started with your beloved ones Smile
I usually go to my friends for love advice and my parents for my general problems
i go to for all my cyber questions. and for all those RL questions and stuff i ask my close friends.
I usually look at my chat list and look at my list of online friends. Then I pick who to talk to, considering how well he/she knows me and the problem I'm facing. Very Happy
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