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general technology

We already have a "computer problems and support" and "general" but certain people bitch about tech topics in general. So please add a subforum for general technology discussions that do not comprise problems.

Good idea. Wink
I personally feel that frihost forum needs an overhaul of sorts. Some forums overlap each other some in wrong places.

Like a Tech Section, where we have forums like Hardaere, Softwares, maybe Science & Space & also the scriptings could be moved there.
A General section where we have the Jokes, Pics, general section where no points or frih$ are awareded. Funn Pics & Pics could be combined as ppl r misusing them for points,. This can go on & on.

All we need is a complete make over of the forum. I know it gonna be a big toll especially moving topics to its right place & stuff, but i feel we also have enough mods to do them.
No subforums Smile
Yeah i agree, this forum needs beefin up. A games section would be very welcome as would a PC section. This always attracts posters as neither topics can ever get boring Smile
I don't think that Frihost needs to attract anyone through the forum discussion, generals as it means is a very general discussion, though I do argee that the whole PHPBB does need to be overhauled, though I would also like to say, I HATE SUB-FORUMS, okay I'm good now I got that out my system...
Twisted Evil
@Jack Hammer i agree with u that we dont need to do anything to attract users, but an Overhaul would help atleast us membars to have better options to post and less cluter.

Bondings stopped points in Jokes & funy pics ppl have started posting jokes in General, funny pics in Arts & pictures. All this can be stopped if General Section is made one with all these in it.

As for Sub Forums, is it possible in phpBB, bcos i havent seen a single phpBB with subforums. And ya sub-forums do suck
babumuchhala wrote:
As for Sub Forums, is it possible in phpBB, bcos i havent seen a single phpBB with subforums. And ya sub-forums do suck

Look at my phpBB Premod (made by myself, just needs a name)

Mines the most simple version of a subforum.

CH is the most complicated.
i posted this a while ago but time to bring it back i guess

Computing and Technology (Category)
General Discussion
Discussion of operating systems,technology software etc.
Computer Issues / Hardware problems
Problems with your computer, its hardware or software

Entertainment (Category)
discussion of all things gaming, for pc, xbox, ps2, etc.
Read something good and want to share it with the world?
Talk about your fav. bands, genre's and songs
Movies + Televison
Watched something recently.. talk about it here
For all you sports fans

General (category)
important information from bondings / mods
Welcome newbies or if your new come and say hello
General Discussion
General chat and discussion of recent news / happenings etc.
Spam Can
Have fun (but dont earn points) play forum games, post stupid news from around the interweb

The Gallery(category)
Share your art, photos, images and other creations(Finished works)
Got a story to share, well gather round the camp fire
Art (digital or traditional)
Get some feedback or help with your works in progress
Pictures (photographs)
Got some stuff to share, looking to get some tips and improve? post here

Humor *is it worth having this as most of it is spam* (category)
share comedy moments
Funny Images
found something stupid online.. post it here

imo a "spam can" forum would be better (which is basicly an off topic general chat.. like you can like flash videos you find or maybe stupid internet trends, make polls about peoples age and stuff.. but without having to worry about being a spammer.. but if you post 20 times in a row going "lol" then you still get in trouble) but without people just hot linking images that we have seen 1000000 times already.

Market Place (Category)
if you are looking for someone to do something for $
If you are offering a service / selling signatures etc.

i would keep the website section just the way it is...

(you could probably re-order the things i have here depends what you want at the top of the page)

could play around with the order of things.. but i think this would be a good way to arange everything (and add a couple new places as well)
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