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What to opt for: Doctor or Engineer?

Well, my dad and mother and uncles and aunts and their childeren and my grandpa, basically many many people of my family are doctors... and well I do like biology... but I;m not sure what I should opt for....

PCM with computers or PCB or even PCMB

I'm pretty much short on time, so could you tell me any plus points of both the sections..?
It depends on how your mind works. Are you more interested in solving problems with math and science or learning how the body works and diagnosing ailments? I fall into the first category; that's why I'm an engineer.
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I don't really have any experience with either of them, but you just need to go with what you would prefer the most.

Good luck!
What does "short on time" mean? Of course engineering is a lot quicker.

Do you have the aptitude/memory to be a MD? Who would pay for all the extra medical schooling?
by short on time, I meant that I have to take the decision fast..(not the time taken for the course to complete)

I like both the subjects pretty much the same... also, seeing that my family has a lot of doctors, I can get great guidance...

On the other hand I love to do stuff on my computer, and want to learn programming languages and all that, so I really want to learn about computers, which only engineering offers...

My dad says that you should become a doctor and maybe make softwares which could help in robotics helped surgery... which is a good option actually....

In Indian, more than 90% students of a certain class opt for engineering... In my school in the 11th class, there are about 200-250 students, and only 3 of them have taken biology!!

Thats why it gets a little difficult to choosr such a branch.. I do like life studies and the working of the human and animal bodies I guess, but the fact that to become a doctor, you have to study pretty much all of your life takes me back. In engineering, a maximum of 6 years, and you're done!
thats what concerns me th most.
Engineering and especially computer engineering is also a life long commitment to studying. There are new languages and ways to use them constantly being developed.

If money is not an issue, then major in medicine and minor in computers.
Well its not just about lifelong commitment.... I mean, in medicine, you would have to get a basic degree (MBBS) then go for PG, maybe a few years of internship, then speacialisation, and super speacialisation in any field.. only then(in my country) you would be given a job which would pay off..

All this takes about 10 years.. and the fact that you have to give exams to cross each barrier(basic college, PG,internship,speacialisation..) makes it even more difficult.

The good thing I see, is that If I take medicine, and I somehow do manage to cross all these barriers, then I can practically open up a clinic anywhere(in case something happens to the job).
Other than that, my social life will be much more active, and people all around the neighbourhood will know me....
The first four years to get a basic degree cancels each other out. You're evaluating what happens after that. You won't be able to teach engineering with just a bachelors degree, you need a Masters degree at least. Many high level engineering management positions require a PHD (Doctorate Degree). So, the difference between a medical doctor and an engineering doctor is a year long internship. Time wise, that's really not much of a difference.
They're both completely different, so whichever one you think you can do better!
I do electronics engineering, and if I had the possibility (money and grades wise) to become a doctor, I would do it. In my opinion, there are a lot of benefits in being a doctor. Of course, you need to take into consideration the fact that it's a very demanding job, and since most of your family are doctors, I bet you know what I'm talking about. If you think you can handle the pressure in medical school and then work, not always making good money (but saving people's lives!!!); if you are good with people and truly enjoy helping others, "then why not become a doctor?" should be the question.

Plus by taking biology you won't have to become a doctor specifically. There are many jobs related to biology which can be very interesting as well.
Becoming a doctor is a long and tiring process. My parents are doctors and trust me their jobs arent easy. Hospital shifts are long and you can be on call anytime, if you're in it for the money then choose something else that's easier and pays just as much.

For engineering, if you like working on computers and program then you should be studying Computer Science instead (unless you meant Software engineering). Engineering is more about solving problems with facts, statistics, and some creativity. A large area of Engineering has little to do with computers though.

I say its more important to go with what you like and are passionate about.
Since the medical profession seems to be part of your family, and maybe even your genes, I would go for doctor. At least you will end up in a specialist field where you would be guaranteed to earn money. Engineering is not that easy, unless you pick your specialist field very well. Electronic engineering would be good. But if you have the backing and resources to become a medical doctor, it almost sounds like it is written in your cards.

There is always the option later to double up with engineering or collaborate with engineering later on. Such as working on mechanical joints or hip replacements, etc. An MBBS however sounds like a very solid and good beginning.
Having electronic, mechanic and software engineers in the family, I think that you should go with medical profession. From better job satisfaction to better income, if this matter. This way you will have better chances not to have face unemployment in difficult times, make own decisions, and no not have to do whatever boss says. Income is also better, you will be respected, and be not disposable. This may means nothing now, but in decades to come it will mean much more, after you will have unavoidable reality check.
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