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Rosetta Stone/Other language softwares

So, I'm considering buying a copy of rosetta stone, since I want to learn another language. Possibly Japanese , Russian , German or maybe even Latin... However;

I want to know, has anyone had the opportunity to try it, and had success with it? Or, alternatively,
has anyone learned a second language WITHOUT Rosetta, and have some strategies that they could share with me? I've heard I should make an effort to learn alot of verbs. Also, one of my history teachers (who also teaches martial arts.), said that in order to learn languages, you should try to think in the language you're trying to learn. In other words, don't spend your time trying to translate word for word.
Another thing my french teacher told me 3 years ago, is that you shouldn't translate word for word, but translate "ideas", which I interpret as paraphrasing to some extent.

Typically , how long does it take to learn a language with Rosetta Stone.
Also On a sidenote, the exchange students at my school who come, with little or no english vocabulary, seem to learn english within a few months of being here.

So, my next question was if it'd be better to find someone who natively speaks the language ( I have a few online friends that know 2 of the languages i mentioned , and could probably teach me )
or if Rosetta is really worth the money.

Uhm, as far as the content I want to learn goes, I'm looking to learn stuff that would be for conversational type stuff, or just enough so I could read websites/books with the language.
(Though with japanese I'd probably make the effort to learn Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji as well... actually I already know alot of the katakana symbols)

Which brings me to my last and final question, Is there another FREE, or even cheap software, that would provide me with the skills I listed?
I have tried the Spanish Rosetta Stone. I needed to learn Spanish for a job I was going to take and I spent about 5 days using it (i ended up not taking the job)

I was impressed with the way it teaches. I wish i had the time to go through all of the lessons now...

If you need to learn a language, I would say Rosetta Stone is a great tool.... They have a trial version on their website if u want to check it out
Rosetta stone is great, and I would use it as the primary tool for learning a language... but don't let it be the only tool.

Occasionally, when using it, I could tell it was trying to teach me some complicated grammatical rule, but it can only do so by providing examples, and it was very frustrating.

It's good to have a book to back it up, so you can look it up, and say "Oh, it's trying to teach me how to conjugate this verb, and here's the rules that works by!"
With Rosetta's system of examples, sometimes you can tell it's trying to teach you a rule, but then have to spend more time figuring out the rule it's teaching you than you spend actually learning the rule.
Thanks for the info guys!

So is there any other software (preferably free) that would be good to use in combination with Rosetta?
[FuN]goku wrote:
Thanks for the info guys!

So is there any other software (preferably free) that would be good to use in combination with Rosetta?

Um, how about a book, rather than software? Really, all you need is an occasional reference for grammatical rules...
You could probably also look it up online in various places.
It'd better be good. It's expensive!
Hi try this link

its from the UK, BBC TV
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