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Flightplan - boycott?? gimme a break!

It is reported that three different labor unions representing over 80,000 flight attendants are calling for a boycott of the movie Flightplan, starring Jodie Foster ( The movie apparently paints flight attendants in a bad light which, the unions contend, is thoroughly unacceptable. What a bunch of crybabies!!!

First of all, I don't even care to watch this movie, nor am I some freakish fan of Jodie Foster or other person that is in this movie. But what stirs me is how any group can be so thin-skinned about the plot of a FICTITIOUS movie that they feel that they should ask for a nationwide boycott! I'm not even sure what shocks me... that we, as a society, have not changed from the days of banning books because of their 'potential' impact on the masses... or that unions have become so irrelevant in most of today's workforce that they have been driven to complain about a movie rather than worker's healthcare and such.

The simple fact is that you can pretty much plug in any movie or videogame or book or whatever in this report, and find some national or international group belly aching about insensitivity...

lemme hear all your thoughts.
By my opinion, there is simply no need for a boycott for the whole movie. Fine, it may depict flight attendants and airline staff as rude and incompetent, but surely the viewer will understand that its simply a movie and the staffing is deliberately made to be offensive just to make the movie more interesting.

'rude and unhelpful to passengers'. Get real, they can be fired for this kind of behaviour.
that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard of. how can you boycott a movie because it makes some people look bad. are you kidding me? how many movies out there where some sterotype or something is thrown around and somebodys feelings get hurt. movies like crash... or training day... youve got crooked cops... or the manchurian candidate with the government implanting microchips in peoples brains. Thats why movies are movies because they are for entertainment, a fright, or a thrill, or a laugh.... and most people know that it is not real and these are actors!
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