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What i need make, to authorize domain name in yours DNS?

i made it:

" and are our main nameservers. You only need them if you want to host your domain(s) with us. To do this, simply go to your domain registrar(where you registered the domain). Search for a page where you can enter nameservers for your new domain. Most of the time it is called "Nameserver setup", "DNS management" or "DNS registration". There you will have to fill in and
After that, you will have to park that domain in cpanel. Go to cpanel --> parked domains. On that page you will need to fill in the domain you want to have parked. After doing this and waiting for the domain to propagate on the internet, you will be able to use your brand new domain. "

but I made this using I register in cadastre it of a friend, and when I inserted the DNS, me I appeared an ERROR message "not authorized Domain in the DNS"

What a need make? i need make a new account with Domain Name ???
There were a few problems with the configuration file. Please try again now. If it still doesn't work, please feel free to post your domain name so I can look at your issue and solve it.
Still it does not function, but I find that it is because of the Domain.

Domain is, and here is

DNS dosen't work but i can use redirect ok, or it has possibility to function with this domain??

thanks, for the attention.
What a registrar! I advice you to register it next time on a bigger one like or .

Anyway, apparantly you need to fill in the servers ip-address: instead of the nameservers. I can't speak Spanish, so I might be completely different.

By the way, you don't even have an account yet, so it's quite normal it doesn't work yet?
I know that still I do not have a domain activated ^^ here but this domain that I am speaking is of a friend who asked for my aid

I wait my acceptance^^

but why you it said: "I can't speak Spanish, so I might be completely different"
I do not know because the DNS does not function, but really placed in the domain of it a configuration of redirect as FRAME for this address here. We have that to wait 24h for the change ^^ .

I am really admired by the service of you here, Congratulations!!!! Applause Applause Applause Applause Applause
It really scares me the rapidity of the service of you. But It would like to ask for to a thing boat very.

I know that it tried to help me in the best possible way.

And I am here for informing of the following situation,

The DNS functioned, but with the wrong domain ^^ the certainty would be: >>>>; >>>> and if was not to ask for very could also leave ^^

Of any form I am very grateful for its attention!!!
As I said in the pm, you can park those domains in cpanel.
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