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Google Video

Google has improved its Google Video service by eliminating the need for users to download software to play back videos. The service's videos now play within a Web browser without the need for additional software.

Moreover, the previously Windows-only play-back service is now available to users whose PCs run the Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

Other enhancements to the service include a larger and resizable viewing window, and more playback controls, such as pause, skip back, skip forward and volume. Also new is the availability of 10-second video previews that can be played on the search results page.

This lack of viewable content made it pale in comparison with existing multimedia search engines from competitors Blinkx, America Online and Yahoo. However, this improvement will make Google the topdog in there.[/b]
This is the best. I like watching the random videos, they are funny to watch.
phileplanet is now offering something similar. Go to the Video section. It's still in beta but you can view the videos and I think you can start uploading too.
That's pretty neat. Nice find.
valay5 wrote:
That's pretty neat. Nice find.

Thanks. I forgot to mention that you have to register to upload stuff. Which is actually the same as Google Video but anyways.

P.s. This is my 100th post! Woohoo!
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