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Suggestion to Add Auto Installer In Direct Admin

Dear Admin/ Mods.
I am using frihost for the past few year without any problem. I believe no other free hosting will give such service with all facilities for such long period. But i can't able to install scripts like wordpress instantly. Installing in manual mode is a time killing job.

Can u please consider to add features like Installron or some other auto installer in DirectAdmin.
We have a very good reason why not to have automatic installation options. This makes it way too easy to install all kind of software on accounts. Of course (in the short term), this is good for the user. Unfortunately after some time, new versions of the software are released to fix security problems. Usually the users do not install those updates for 2 reasons. The first one being that the software was just for testing (in a lot of cases). The second one because they either don't even know about it or it is (or seems) too hard for them to do it. And then some of those accounts get hacked and used for spyware distribution, phishing some bank accounts and other nasty activities.

On the other hand, if you have to manually install some software (which really isn't that much work), it makes sure that you have at least some interest in the software (and might keep it up to date) and secondly that you have some technical knowledge about it, pretty much the same as required to install updates. Hence way less chance of getting your account hacked.

Another reason is that all those unused software installs caused by automatic installations are causing problems for the backups. All those little files (thousands or way more of them per software installation) are the cause of it.
actually, you can search forum for step by step guide on how to install wordpress. that's how i manage to install it last time.
I second what Bondings said. I use my account to sometimes test installations and it takes a lot of work for a first time not-as-literate web hoster. Eventually I get things working and be satisfied for the day. Then I uninstall it when I have no practical use. Very Happy
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