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HTC Nexus ONE or Known as Google Phone

The new Smartphone has been released last January 5, 2009. They say it's going to be a an iphone killer. It has a 1gig Qualcomm Processor, 5megapixels camera and may advantage features compared to iphone. What can you say about this new product? You can view a lot of videos from Youtube or you can go to google site for more specifications... It is nice to have product something like this which compete to Apple becase google phone is more cheaper. So I guess apple can lower their price now as their markets are in to half. like me my nexus one are coming on his way to my address. And I am so excited about it.
Yes, it is quite a phone, probably one of the best available on the market. Although the N900 and the Xperia X1 are worthy alternatives, I think software-wise, the Nexus One has the advantage. However, as for being an iPhone killer, a lot of phones are claimed to be iPhone killers. Simple fact of the matter is, many phones are immensely superior to the iPhone. However, that doesn't mean they will "kill" the iPhone. Outselling the iPhone requires a lot of work from marketing and a product that is revolutionary. To a normal person, the Nexus One is of no matter to them, but the iPhone has become a household name.
Even applications - wise, apparently the iPhone has several thousand times the number of Apps that Android has. I don't understand how it can stay that wa, with iPhone software needing a paid licence to put into their store, that too after approval, and with Android being open source and free.

I hope Android apps catch on quickly and overtake iPhone apps in variety and usefulness.
Well, not really several thousand times more. Android's market has about 20000 applications, and Apple's App Store just passed 100000 applications. Android is certainly catching up quickly, but I've noted that most important applications are available on both platforms.

One thing though, games, strongly favors that App Store. Supposedly some game devolopers complained that their software wasn't selling nearly as well on the Android market as it was on the App Store. Although, it probably had something to do with the fact they were charging for the games, and Android had free games that were equal or better. But, it doesn't seem major developers are looking into putting out games for Android.

I do feel, though, Android has great potential. Now that it's spreading across multiple phones on multiple carriers, it's in a good position to take down the juggernaut that is the iPhone. And I'd say the operating system itself is superior (opensource FTW). Very Happy
As we all know the HTC Nexus One just got out from the Market, so the phone will catch up with the applications with the time goes by. A lot of software company now are making programs for the new phone since they just know the news Last Jan. 05, 2010.
True, but most software that has been avaiable on the Anroid market since the launch of the G1/HTC Dream (back in late 2008) works on the Nexus One. So the Nexus One already has a decently sized library, and developers won't be developing solely for the Nexus One, they will be developing for the entire Android platform.

Again though, many commerical developers have some trouble on the Android market, because paid applicatons don't see like they do on the iPhone.
It looks absolutely great, and it's been getting good reviews. Only downside seems to be the price, which I believe is more than the iPhone

i have the phone too, bought it on jan, 8th. in my opinion it is the best phone right now. its fast, (i installed the new kernel today- means 300mb free ram), good looking and you can really waste a lot of time playing around with it. so there are some good websites, where you can look at. alldroid, androidspin, some german speeking, the biggest place i know is the xdadevelopers forum. you can get some new things every day. its really impressing how the developers on xda are working. the support of the community is so much better than with the iphone, witch i had too.
i can only reccomend the phone!

Unlike iphone. This phone has a lot of freeware appz an to little of paid appz. Iphone on the other hand they have more paid applications rather than freeqarw appz. Ans for the record this nexus one phone is more cheaper compared to iphone. This has greater processor and bigger screen.
Woo hoo . the Androis app store is catching up well with the iTunes App store. And like someone pointed out, the most important apps are there on both OS platforms. Just the commercial games seem to be doing better on the iPhone. People are buying Apps for the iPhone quite a lot.

But hardware-wise, Nexus is definitely faster and better. Only that Multi-touch in its entirety should be available to all phone manufacturers, and Apple should stop clinging on to iTunes alone.

Once everything is more open and inter-operate-able, I would consider buying such phones, but not otherwise
FunDa wrote:
Once everything is more open and inter-operate-able, I would consider buying such phones, but not otherwise

You'll wait a loong time, then Razz (..wait, with Symbian getting opensource, maybe not that long)

B2T, the Nexus One may be good, but the Sony Ericsson X10 is definitely better! And they say they will make us "discover what the future holds", at the Mobile World Congress, just in a few hours ( Maybe something related to Android?
i wouldnt say that the xperia ist better than the nexus one. it comes with android 1.6, where the nexus has 2.1. the camera in the xperia is better, but the other specs? and: i think that google will put the most time in developing for the nexus one (2.1) and the software is important, couse the hardware is not that diffrent. just my 2 cents
The creators of the Nexus One HTC is realeasing their own version of the google nexus one it's called HTC Desire and has pretty much the same hardware as the nexus one. But HTC has put their own Sense UI over the Andriod 2.1. Nexus one is also using the Andriod 2.1 so the two phones will be very simillar. But from what I've heard and seen the HTC Desire will be a bit cheaper than the Nexus One.

Was a bit into the nexus one but now I think I might buy the HTC Desire instead since it's a bit cheaper and I like the UI alot.
olek87 wrote:
i wouldnt say that the xperia ist better than the nexus one. it comes with android 1.6, where the nexus has 2.1. the camera in the xperia is better, but the other specs? and: i think that google will put the most time in developing for the nexus one (2.1) and the software is important, couse the hardware is not that diffrent. just my 2 cents

well, at launch, the x10 will come with android 1.6, but updates are planned, and even the 2.2, when it comes, will be (better sooner than later Razz) in the x10

the x10 also has better specs than the nexus': even if some specs are shared (approx. same dimensions, same chipset, etc..), the x10's screen is bigger (4 vs 3.7 inch, I think), and I prefer the design of the former, even if the latter also is great to look at (I know, design is something personal Razz)

you say software is important, I think the x10, even if the update delays are longer than the nexus', is better in terms of software: it has its own user interface (named - you guessed it - nexus! now renamed: UX), and with unique applications, like timescape or mediascape, the x10's software really is better than the nexus'
The only bad thing about this phone is that it has no camera lens protection.
nam_siddharth wrote:
The only bad thing about this phone is that it has no camera lens protection.

I guess is the casing for the phone itself are the lens cover....
nope, it's just a little recessed in the casing, there's no protection
that shouldn't be a problem. My current phone (5 year old sony ericsson) also doesn't have a lens protector, the lens doesn't even have a scratch because it's put into the body a bit.

I don't think the uncovered lens will be a problem.

I ordered mine on ebay a couple of days ago, should be here within a week Smile .
HTC Nexus is just from the market. So the phone will catch up over time and application. Many software companies are now the new phone plans, because they only know the news.
The HTC nexus is introduced by the Google. So, here it is obviously the Google phone, which is the Nexus One, apparently HTC passion with the google technology.
Iphone is still the market leader in smart phones.
I think HTC and Samsung and all the android phones are trying to bite into the apple's market share, by trying to copy all of its features, and try to make a few new initiatives on the technology front.
As far as I've heard, the battery life of an android phone, compared to the iphone is terrible (with 3g / wifi enabled, and constant use). Iphone has a little better battery life, but not that great as of yet.

Still, I think the nexus one from Google may be a viable competitor, with it being fast, and also most of the apps that iphone charges are available free on android phones (unless you jailbreak the iphone).

In terms of security, I think the iphone is better, as long as you do not crack it.
ALL Android are Google phone not only nexus phone.. i have used android o.s but the brand is not that know with 1.2GHz. and i find it amazing and wonderful. when i compared with branded Android phone nothings such as different.. i can download what ever applications on branded compared with my generic or not know android phone..

I think as long as you are android operating system they are all the same they just differ on brand and price.. since know brand are expensive..

If you are techy enough then you know how to know the best can compare the cheapest with amazing speed..
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