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Case Modding


I am building a slow PC from second hand parts I gather doing some jobs but I can not find a suitable casing for it. Most of the casing is either not worth it. I want to build in a very bad PC so I do not want to spend 50 euro for some casing. So I decided to make one myself.

What materials should I use and how do I start out? Any tips for me?
Flakky wrote:

What materials should I use and how do I start out? Any tips for me?

Use materials you know how to work with, and have used before.

Also, find an old used computer case if you can, and at least salvage parts from it. The motherboard tray/card rack and the drive bays would be especially difficult to manufacture yourself, because if they aren't done to the perfect dimensions, the cards and drives won't fit.

Make sure you provide enough ventilation holes, especially if what you build the box out of insulates heat more than metal does.

Though the risk of a computer catching on fire is small, it can happen, so it would be best to build it out of non-flammable materials.

And have fun with it! One entertaining idea would be to assemble all the components (including in/out pipes to all the fans) and then set the whole thing into a concrete/plaster mold. It would be impossible to modify or repair it afterwards, but it would be a very unique 'case'.

Oh, and I almost forgot... Unless you're thinking of a 'case' like this one:

It will probably cost more to make one yourself than it would to buy one, especially if you bought a used one.

Thanks for the reply. I will keep these things in mind. I can probably get an old case from my girlfriend. I will use that to assemble a computer. It is very bulky though so I think to keep it cheap and use that as a base and start removing parts. Since I want a small computer I chould have bought a smaller motherboard but this one was for free so Razz

Thanks for the tips.
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Case Modding Question
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