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Real Time Strategy


I recently got interested in Real-Time Strategy games. I am just hooked on to Age of Empires II and love other games in the same series. I also love Age of Mythology.

Besides these, which other Real Time Strategy games do you suggest?

Another thing, I have never come across a Real Time Strategy game set in modern times or possibly, the future. Is there any such game? I think one of my friends had once told me about this game called "Age of Technology" or something which was supposedly the futuristic installment in the series. That turned out to be a myth for I didn't find it anywhere!

So, do you know of any modern time RTS game?
Real time? I'd have to recommend the Command and Conquer series, Sins of a Solar Empire, Starcraft, the Warcraft series, Company of Heroes, Total Annihilation, Rise of Nation, and if you want a game that is part board game/part real time fights, Medieval II: Total War (or any title from the Total War series)
Futuristic? Sure,

Starcraft is the obvious pick.
Another awesome game is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

There's Empire Earth, which is a RTS where you can develop from stone age to nano-technology - very cool game.

Company of Heroes, very good game, not a pure RTS however. You're "dropped" into a battle scene and need to build from there. Not the very lengthy RTS, but certainly one of the best games I've ever played.

Command and Conquer games, especially Tiberian Sun and the newer one Tiberium Wars!

Look for more info using your favorite search engine, just type "GAME NAME ign" or "GAME NAME gamespot", of course replace GAME NAME and those searches should do the trick.
Sins of a Solar Empire, Warcraft 3, and Command and Conquer are all amazing. You can get Red Alert and Command and Conquer 95 for free from EA, and the Command and Conquer First Decade is a great deal-$20 for 4 full games and all their expansions
I realy suggest Warcraft 3 with expansion Frozen Throne. If u get better and wanna play some strategy against some realy good players there are lots of them in WC3 and there are also tournaments and stuff. Played it alot before but Now I'm mostly into him wich actually is a copy of a WC3 mod called DotA Smile
warcraft 3 is one of the best traditional RTS out there. Lately a lot of RTS games have been mixing in RPG elements (Like Dawn of War too) or less resource gathering (Company of Heroes), look forward to starcraft 2 coming out this year to bring the RTS games into the news again.
I played the original Starcraft and found it quite fun. I'm currently waiting for Starcraft II and have high expectations for it since it has been 15 years since the original had been released.

I also live Age of Mythology as you mentioned and I find the graphics amazing and all the wide selections of gods very cool.
Starcraft and Warcraft are both MUST plays. I played them when I was a kid, and still play them today!
As other people have said Warcraft and Starcraft are quite good. Company of Heroes is also amazing.

There's another game called Empire: Total War. It's not a pure RTS, more like Risk/RTS hybrid. There's a lot of strategy and depth to this game, it also takes place in the ~17-1800's with the age of empiricism. Very fun game, check it out if you're into that sort of game.
Company of Heroes - Amazing strategy game. The Opposing Fronts expansion is also highly impressive. Seldom do you get a game that scores so highly on every possible count.

Dawn of War 1 - Dawn of War was released before CoH by the same company. Subsequently it's a lot simpler overall but is nonetheless capable of some impressive battles both online and in the well told single player campaign that went on to be published as a book. I'd recommend getting the pack that includes Dark Crusade. It's pretty cheap now and the amount of gameplay on offer is impressive.

Dawn of War 2 - Released after CoH. A completely different type of game to either of the above that's more tactical in nature. It also has some action RPG influences including levelling up and loot and more choice in how you progress through the campaign.

Medieval 2 Total War - To me this is the best of the Total War series so far. More balanced than Rome and without the technical flaws of Empire. It combines a turn based strategy map with massive real time battles. Very engrossing and extremely good value for money.
Age of Empires 3 is excellent. If you love Age 2, then you'll get a kick out of 3. I would highly recommend getting the Gold set or whichever one has the two expansions with the base game. Fun stuff.
Starcraft 2 if you've got the beta, luckily I do. Otherwise, sucks to be you! Razz The original Starcraft is still an amazing game, and I also recommend AOE2 or 3.
hi! anybody has update about Starcarft II yet? for me this is the best real time game that is ever developed
It seems like it's time for some more suggestions:

Empire and Napoleon Total War: Empire grew on me in a big way since it's been properly patched. A huge, sprawling campaign offering unrivalled gameplay hours. Napoleon does a good job of capturing the rise and fall of Napoleon. It also offers many small but worthwhile improvements such as attrition in frozen or arid environments. But overall it still doesn't feel as epic as Empire.

Sins of a Solar Empire: A space based 4X strategy game that seamlessly blends colony construction with managing massive space fleets and combat. It might sound like a bit much to deal with all at once, but the game is paced in such a way as to make it possible. Being able to zoom out from a close up view of one of your fighters right the way to a map of the entire star system certainly makes things easier too.

Supreme Commander: Another one that offers the ability to zoom out to to a full strategic map view. It also offers possibly the most strategic options of any RTS that lacks a strategic map.
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