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Problem with Sony Cybershot (DSC-S750) turning on.

Okay, so, about a year ago, I got a Sony Cybershot for Christmas (DSC-S750), and it's been working fine, until about a week ago. For whatever reason it just won't turn on. Battery is fully charged and won't turn on. It also won't turn on when I hook it up to my pc.

It hasn't been dropped, banged up or had anything spilled in it. In fact, it's in extremely good condition. I rarely even use it, maybe on special occasions and stuff every month or 2.

I've done a little googling beforehand and found various answers but nothing useful. But I remember my ex girlfriend saying something about how they get dust or something in the lens and stop working? I couldn't really see this happening but.. meh..

Anyways, if anyone can provide me with a solution, it would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!
I have the same camera and the same exact problem. I have not been able to find an answer to our problem either. Would be nice if someone from Sony could shed some light on this, even their website is useless.
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