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University DNS blocks [solved]

Whenever I use university provided internet I am unable to access my website. In fact, I can't access frihost.ORG or any of its subdomains. On the other hand, frihost.COM or frihost.NET is fine which is why I am able to post right now.

The school DNS seems to block any requests to Because I am assigned nameservers I can't access my site for viewing or administer it through FTP or directadmin. I have changed DNS settings for my PC to use public DNS servers, but the way internet access is provided at my school I can only access the internet through official university DNS.

I have verified that the site is accessible at non-university locations. Also according to this server status page my website is up.

Unfortunately, school provided internet is my only choice right now, since I live on campus. Is there any way to circumvent this issue (use different frihost nameservers) or am I doomed?
A few months ago, there was a problem with an infected website on a subdomain, causing some filters to block it for some time. However, this is quite some time ago, so it shouldn't be blocked anywhere.

I guess there are 2 possible solutions. Ask them to unblock it or at least update their filters. And if there still is a reason why they continue to block it, then I definitely would like to know why so I can fix it. Most likely this is not the case though.

If that doesn't work or is too hard, then I'll create a account for you, if that one isn't blocked either.
Ok I will check with the university IT dept on Monday.

I heard back from IT and here is the situation:

They don't discuss filtering with the student body except for a case by case basis. For that I have to submit detailed info about the site (possibly including login info) so they can troubleshoot what's going on. They would get back to me after 2 to 3 days. But there is no guarantee that would result in the domain being unblocked because the filtering is outsourced to some other company blah blah blah.

So, they would be able to confirm that their DNS is blocking my site, not necessarily unblock it without more time.

In other words this seems like a lot of hassle. Can we go with option #2 Smile
Please check your AWITs and email. Very Happy
Thanks Bondings,

I'm in the process of moving everything over. Please give me a few days because I will have to access my old site off campus in order to access it and then make a backup of it before I move to the new nameservers.

Your help is appreciated. By the way, this is unbelievable service for a free webhost.
Sure, take your time. Even if it takes a few weeks, just don't forget to remind me about it in the information ticket or here. Wink
Thanks again, I've transferred my data so you can close my old acct.
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