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How to pass Driving Theory Test?

Need to access complete online official car, motorbike DSA driving theory test questions bank from which actual exam questions are chosen and read all questions related to mock theory test, hazard perception test daily.monitor your Progress , review complex questions and you will easily pass driving theory test.
Yeah you'd need to study a little bit before you do the test.
But for me it wasn't so hard!
Whoa!! I do not think you need to do such an extensive preperation for it!! I guess simply reading the rule books AND understanding them would be enough to pass the test. All the complexity in the questions arises just because of combination of various simple rules, so if you know the rules clearly you can apply your brain and find the correct answer. Additionally, use some common sense in the test.
Good idea to study, however if there is any way that you can find a Website where you can practise the real test, that would be very helpful for you. In Canada for example the test is a multiple choice touch screen test, but some of the answers are so close to one another, it can really make people who are not used to those kind of tests nervous. Why not ask the Licence Authority whether they have a practise opportunity for you before you take the test as maybe they do? If they had one, that would be ideal as you would be able to practise the questions in a simulated environment?
i know its always easier said than done. but mostly with dedication and determination things can be done. so you read the manuals supplied by the driving school, take lessons seriously both practical and theory and success awaits you. there its simple!
Do you or anyone else know of such a website?
As far as I know you may be able to find sample questions but it may not be on the official site as I don't believe I have seen them for any driving site for Minnesota. If you look in Google or some search engine you may find something officially from them that is kinda buried in their site.
one word.... study... oh, and also don't stress too much about it
Oh dear gods, PLEASE just study and learn the material! There are enough bad drivers out there, we don't need another ignorant killer in a car.
Ankhanu wrote:
Oh dear gods, PLEASE just study and learn the material! There are enough bad drivers out there, we don't need another ignorant killer in a car.
That is so true. Although I must say my greatest lessons I have learned have been out on the road and by studying what others do along the lines of defensive driving. Inevitably when they aren't quite in the middle of their lane or driving slower than they should relative to the speed of the traffic, they are usually speaking on their mobile phone and when they do, they tend to do some strange things some times. If one is enough focussed on the behaviour of other drivers, one tends to develop an instinct for the drivers out of whose way you should stay as much as you can. There seems to be some mentality going with trucks, especially the ones with very large wheels, or sports cars with enormous exhaust noise, basically cars that have been adapted to an "attitude". Even then however, there is still that percentage of chance where you can do everything under the sun, and it can still be your bad luck, like being at a stop street, or traffic light, and someone bumping into you from behind. Or someone skidding out of control as they are turning at a major intersection. I tend to do lots of praying, try and do my long distance driving when traffic is not at its most dense, work on alternative routes with less traffic and hurdles in it.
You can just do the practice tests online and keep doing them over and over again until you perfect them. the questions are pretty easy anyway so it shouldn't take long. My sister had a pdf file with all the questions they will EVER ask you so you can just read from that i guess but i don't know where she got it from.
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