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Are there really network scanners around?

Are there really network scanners around?

Or are there devices that works like printer server to enable sharing of a scanner at home or work?

This is because I am lazy to keep carrying the scanner around whenever I need to use it.

Uhh... how would network scanning work when you need to have the document in the scanner for it to work..

Or am I missing the point?
there are some software use to share scanner like printer. i remember one called Blind Scanner. very handy when some jerk (who thinks he own the company) lock the computer and you don't know his password. you put your document on the scanner and can scan it on your computer.

other than don't have physical access to the computer, i don't see any other reason for using it because when you scan, especially using high res setting, it still disturb the person using the computer cos it will slow down the computer.

and you still have to walk to the scanner to put your document there.
There are network scanners around.
The HP multifunction OfficeJet 6413 has it I think.
Basically, in your browser, you point to the ip of the scanner, and there, it has the option to scan and save to your pc.
Note that any number of people have access to it at one time, and if the scanner is common, you have to walk to it, and then walk back to seat, scan, etc..
you get the drift.
Well, like Diablosblizz I don't really understand what you mean? Scanners are input devices, so I assume they can't be shared within a network. But network scanner, sorry never head of that Confused
I have a Epson printer/scanner located in one part of my home.

I also have a scanner at a different part of my home.

Depending on which scanner I wanted to us, I use to carry it to my notebook, connect and use it.

Can I use them - I know I have to walk to the scanner - from my NB?

Printers can be shared using physical printer server to connect a printer to the network.

As stated, I do not wish to carry the scanners around. With best regards.
So shenyl, you're saying you have two scanners in your house that are presumably hooked up to a computer. Since you are already getting up to put the document in the scanner just use the computer that it's connected to and transfer it over the network to your notebook. In theory, it is possible although the extra effort wouldn't make any sense.

As I first stated, I still do not understand your request...
I have a scanner permanently connected to my home server.

I have another scanner that is not connected to any of my computers at home.

I use 2 notebooks computers and occasionally uses a Netbook computer as my multi-media station to connect to my home TV system.

Now the permanently connected scanner at time is not accessible, as my family member may be working around the server, and it can be quite clamped.

So the mobile scanner comes into play.

I am hoping I can hook one of the 2 scanners on the network and share it among the various computers in my home.

I guess I cannot go any clearer than that.

Any suggestion on scanner server?
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