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Any video editor for High Definition video?

Any video editor for High Definition video?

It will be best to be freeware or low cost.

Capture some video at 1280x720 (720p) format, but using the supplied Video editor ULead only produce output of lower pixel output.

So if you have tried some video editors that is able to support all the HD format, please let me know.

If you want to do video editing to improve video etc. the best freeware software is virtualdub. A software to create dvd movies like ulead, is Pinnacle 14 HD. It not freeware but I believe it is the best solution.
Total video convertor is best..........
for all type of conversion
I finally feel what is do as one wishes. I found a conversion software when surfing online recently. Though I never heard about it, I had a try. To my suprise, it can both convert my favorite movies and music.I can convert my favorite movies to other formats that can supported by my iPhone with this magic program. Another more exciting function is I can extract theme songs from movies easily so that I can enjoy them anytime and anywhere. I knew it's Ainsoft DVD to iPhone Converter the name for the program later,one of my best friends recommended me this software just the time I tried to recommend it to him,seems many people are using it.So how about having a try? Maybe you will fall in love with it just as I did.
Wax 2.0 is the best free video editor that I've heard of, although you may want to check out Sony Vegas if you're willing to pay a bit for some quality software.
Da Rossa
Men, the guy is not looking for conversion but for edition.

I'm looking for a good (meaning that it can substitute a paid program) for editing video, HD or not, too. Any suggestions? Or are the 'quality' video editors all paid?
I believe you could use adobe after effects for editing your video. This is not a cheap software, but it's the best in my opinion.

The advantages of this software are that you can edit and put some effects on your videos.

There are a lot of websites with resources for AE, including video tutorials that are very helpful for new users.

show us your videos when you finish them! Cool
Da Rossa
Yes, now I'm anxious to watch the videos you make!
Da Rossa
totalli wrote:
I like Total Screen Recorder,which could record webcam video,desktop video and upload the video to youtube freely.It could record the video as long as you wish. Not like the other screen recorder, which just let you record one minute or with large watermark on the video.

This is not what's been asked either, screen recording and video editing are completely different things..
If you have a Linux box, try Cinelerra. It's completely free, but it's comparable to other non-linear video editing systems like Adobe Premiere. It's very capable, bringing you the professional features in an open source package. It is a bit more difficult to learn when compared to commercial systems, but it's not bad, it's like comparing the GIMP to Adobe Photoshop. If you're able to use Linux, you shouldn't have any trouble with it. I have an old Linux box that instantly became a video editing powerhouse after I installed Cinelerra.

If you have to stick with Windows, there are quite a few free options, but I haven't seen anything in the same league as Cinelerra. One program, t@b ZS4, is very feature rich (I downloaded it for chroma keying), but it has a subpar UI and a very steep learning curve. It will take time to master, simply because it really isn't setup properly. However, if you know what to do, it does deliver.

There is one other program I was considering checking out called trakAxPC. It has both a free version and a $25 pro version (free version has a 30 day pro trial). It seems pretty good, and I have heard good things from a number of reviews.

Anyhow, if you had a Linux box, your free options are endless. Besides Cinelerra, there's Kino, Kdenlive, and many others. You may want to check this out.
edius 5,pr cs4...i think most of the editors with new version support HD 1920x1080 now,but of cause they are not free...
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