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Your gaming fetish

Everybody has one. That obscure little strategy or particular weapon design that makes you feel a little giddy when you find it in the game you're playing. What's your gaming fetish?

Myself, I'm a complete sucker for absurdly complicated mechanics in turn based games. They're all numbers games when you get down to it, so the more insanely unmanageable the numbers are the more I can't help but try and figure them out.

In video game heaven, I'd have trains of thoughts like "... his physical strength shouldn't be high enough to completely parry my attack with our relative weapon strengths, so given the time of day and angle of the sun if I strike high enough the excess force and shimmer should count for enough that the rogue can catch him off guard, ah, wait, no that sword is still too bloodied from the last encounter unless I get my mage to area cast tsunami, although that's probably not a great idea since if the ponds in this area are drained anymore then I'm not going to be able to fully heal from them* and more to the point that frog enemy I sickened and let flee a few hours back might have infected the others by now and it's not going to be fun if they're forced to drink for it as well. Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, I still have that energy transfer pendant and there shouldn't be much interference at the distance between my fighter and rogue, so if the rogue acts first I can take the chance to cut open his shirt and get a distraction check on the female enemies. Taking one of them out first - especially above the prickle bush, or I can get the mage to spike the earth a bit for affect - should cause enough of a morale hit that calling my healer into sight should slow their next action long enough to get the lid of that friggin' sticky potion and I DID have my fighter practise basic throwing not that long ago, I mean, his sword grip will suffer from the ooze but they haven't directly observed his form enough to KNOW that and he only has to feint them once before ..."

(*Fact: This should always work, no matter HOW realistic a game.)

On the other hand, any sort of ping-pong / table tennis minigames are a turn off. I just can never get the timing right on them for some reason.
sword fetish! hahaha I just can't help it
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