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Insert ads into webplayer, which way do you like?

Two days ago I posted a survey about how to insert ads into web player. And thanks for you guys’ help; I find three different ways to do it now.

1. JW Player’s AdSolution.

According to the demo, it has 3 solutions to choose:

Pre Roll:

As you see that the ads will show at the beginning of the video.

Overlay mid-roll: show ads during the video.

And post-rolls: show ads after the video.

In the above picture you can see that the ads are from LongTail, JW Player’s home site, but not google adsense. From the overview, it says you can use LongTail advertisers or your own tags. But you have to sign up before you use it, so I have not tried it yet. If you are interesting you can sign up and have a try and share your experience with us.

JW’s is good, but it can not insert anchor text or a banner picture.

2. Insert anchor text and banner into the web player through Moyea PlayerBox.

I have posted an article about how to insert ads with PlayerBox. But here I will say it again.

As we know PlayerBox is actually a web player creator. You can just drag the element into the edit panel and combine them into an overall. You can see more details in this article:

PlayerBox does not allow you to insert html tags yet. But it has more powerful edit function. You can use it to add logo or your company’s name with backlink to your site. It is kind of protecting your work. And this software has a free version.

3. Add google adsense with YouTube Promoted Videos .

It is YouTube’s own AdSolution, the manifestations is the same as YouTube’s web player. In order to use it you need to have a YouTube account and a Google AdWords account. The following are the steps:

1). Sign in to AdWords. If you do not have one, sign up for Google AdWords.

2). Create the ad. Choosing “Display Ad Builder” > go to “Video” and choose the “YouTube Promoted Videos” template > compose your ad.

3). Choose the video. Using the AdWords media picker, choose a video from YouTube.

4). Done. Review and save your ad. Then, complete your other campaign settings and you are done.

The good side is we can insert google ads finally. The bad side is we have to use YouTube’s player and there is a 10 minutes limitation of YouTube.

Each method has the benefits and limitation. It is hard to say which is better, you can choose the one which suit your needs best. Hope will help, and welcome your comments of this topic.
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