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Shift Rotation

In a business, what exactly is a shift rotation for employees? I am currently doing research for a project of mine and I have come across this term a lot, but I have never actually worked in a job that had shift rotations!

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Huh, I'm pretty sure the shift rotation is the changing of employees from one shift to another. Say Mike, Jeff and Steve work from 9:00-1:00. Then Bob, Will and Adam come in and work from 1:00-5:00. The changing of the workers would be the shift rotation.
Places that are manned 24/7/365 (like a power plant) will usually have rotating shift work. It's the only fair way to ensure everyone gets screwed equally having to work weekends, midnights and holidays. It it's simplest form you work 7 days in a row on one shift (say midnights 12-8am), have a couple of days off then work 7 days in a row on a second shift (say days 8am-4pm) have a couple of days off then work 7 days in a row on a third shift (say evenings 4pm-midnight). Your weekend days off do not always fall on Saturday & Sunday, they rotate through the week. It actually gets broken up a little bit more then that to try and maintain a 40hr work week pay period by using 5 crews. People get assigned to a crew and rotate together as a crew.

Places that close on weekends but have 3 shifts on weekdays (like a factory), normally do not rotate. But, once a year they bid on crew assignments.
24/7 shift rotation? like a call center jobs here .
yeah..say you have schedule A, B, C, and D..first week of the month is schedule A, and so on and so forth until everyone has worked one of each shift and it resets to schedule A again, like jwellsy said "so everyone gets screwed equally".
Some time slots are not so pleasing to work at. Like a 1am - 9am shift or something. So businesses usually rotate it. For example, if you have 1-9am 9am-5pm and 5pm-1am shifts, and A B and C are assigned to them this week, next week, they'll change so that everyone else can have a chance on the "normal person not zombie" time slots.
Rotating shifts are the worst...

I worked in the lab of a Dairy factory, manned 24/7, for a few years, and rotating shifts just screw you around, they apparently did it so everyone had to do night shift...but i ended up swapping shifts with the people who didnt like nights because as bad as nights are, its not as bad as going from night to day and vice versa constantly
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