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What would u do if u are sleepy?

How could u fight against sleepy when u are at work? Don't teach me smoking and those kind of bad stimulation.

Any suggestions for me? I am not God Dxxn sleepy after lunch Crying or Very sad
drink some tea
and wash my face Laughing
emptying my bottle of red wine usually does the trick. Some say having a wife that nags to you is a good alternative too but mine is no longer awake from ten o'clock on so I have never been able to try this tip out.
stand up and go to wash the face, or go to have a tea.

but if i cannot leave at that moment, i may hit myself~
yeah that's right.
drink some tea
and washing face or standing up do some sports and so on.
eat an apple in the morning when you're walking to work or works for me!
wash my face and eat some cracker Laughing
I just wash my face....and try co concentrate Smile
But after that i often go to sleep again Wink
just simply rest for a while or...
do sports
do sport.. everytime hehe Wink
Wash face and drink a cup of coffee Wink
S3nd K3ys
Take a nap. The boss won't see you. Wink

I would guess you're bored at work. Perhaps you should find a more challenging job?
i also take a strong breath
i smile
i said'" Thanks To God"
Drink A Lot Of Coffee, Have A Good LONG Shower, And Then You Will Be Awake
Lots of coffee and take a shower

IF feeling more sleepy hit urself or put cello tape on ur eyes like tom in tom & jerry Laughing
smoke some weed and the fly awway Laughing
I usually have a good breakfast, wash my face, and make sure I always get a good night's sleep.

Having coffee could help I suppose.
drik something like tea or coffee.
When it came more and more i think you better should go to the doctor.
Wash your face, drink something, take a shower, hit your self, or shake your head a few times, to get up awake! Laughing
boringest wrote:
eat an apple in the morning when you're walking to work or works for me!

Innovative! Are there any scientific assumption or logic? e.g. vitimin C would anti -sleepy? Laughing
Go and take a bath and wash your fath would be sufficient
RED BULL does it for me
If I am sleepy in class,I'll sleep.Ha !
I usually ask the teacher to let me to go to the W.C to have a washing(sleeping in W.C.)
Ha Ha!
Can u suggest a good way for me if I am sleepy and fishing in class?
I just wash my face and drink a Nescafe coffee, the best coffee in Greece (frape !!!) It keeps you awake all day!!!! Very Happy
Get proper sleep the night before.
If you stay up late and try to burn the candle at both ends it is a fact that you will get sleepy at work. Proper rest, proper diet and exersise will improve anyone's enegry.
Well as I see it most eveyone should have clean faces. Laughing

My thoughts are if your at work and you get tired and being tired at work makes your work performance go down hill. Is that fair to your boss, who pays you to work for them. If you have a job you should be more dedicated to it and get proper rest the night before. If your tired at school and tired at work and it is not from a late night before..or due to not eating right, then you should take vitamins.

More coffee is not the answer. Of course washing the face is always a good

Our bodies are usualy trying to tell us something...learn to listen to your body...when your hungry you eat...when your tired sleep...go to bed early...drink many simulants will keep your body wanting to go on...drugs....booze...caffiene...think about it....
I do 12 hrs shift and nights and what i would do is close my eyes on my break and chill out cause the drive home can be a real fright if u start dosing off..

also try eating an apple it works better than coffee as a stimulant
or get someone to throw a bucket of ice water over your head
for me the best solution is to take 10 mins off and surf the web, prolly read abt something i like in sports or so...or talk to someone...that wakes me up...they say when u laugh, that helps u stay if u have some colleagues who are in the same situation, take a coffee break and tell some jokes or funny incidents and that should work for all of you'll, else find some funny stuff on the net...
i pretty much do that all day anyway so it eventually just gets boring...

i remember when i first started in this place there was a rumour of a girl who started working but she couldnt get the concept of working night and was fully convinced that she slept during the night shift and was asking where the beds

she was eventually found asleep under one of the desks downstairs and never came back the folloeing day retarded can u get Laughing
If I am sleepy and I am supposed to be working... if possible I will take a short nap and go to bed earlier that night, or if not I will just try and ignore my sleepyness and go to bed earlier that night. I don't like coffee, and I think other people would look at you funny if you suddenly slapped yourself!
I will get my pillow and go somewhere comfortable and I will sleep.
try to drink some coffee or tea. they're right. you can wash your face everytime you feel sleepy. It can help. I do that when i was studying Wink
I just drink a lot of coffee and hope i stay up ... or you could take some aderal.. which also helps during finals week
Just go to sleep - who cares if you lose your job? Sleeping is clearly more important. Sleeping will never tell you your butt looks big in those tight leather pants. Sleeping will always be there for you (unless you have insomnia). Sleeping is always good for you, no matter how much of it you have. Sleeping is also a great way to earn income from home. Click here to learn how to start earning income from home, while sleeping.
Do you masturbate? If you do then stop it, masturbation causes sleepiness and fatigue.
you can drink tea or coffee, hit yourself (that's stupid but work), and wash your face.

I think these are the best things to do. Very Happy
heheh ermm let me think go chat alot? lol jus playin i carnt think of a way to stop u been tierd
I always drink alot of coffe like 3 glasses believe me that will indeed wake you up really good, maybe drink a soda too... anything like that just get some caffine
S3nd K3ys wrote:
Take a nap. The boss won't see you. Wink

I would guess you're bored at work. Perhaps you should find a more challenging job?

Haha. I like this one because I AM the boss. So my answer would be:

Go back in my office, tell everyone to hold my calls, and put my head down on my desk ......... as a matter of fact, that sounds like a good idea right about now Wink
I think that if you are sleepy at work that you don't rest enough during the night. Maybe you go to bed at different times. Then late, then early, etc. Try to stick to the same time, and not too late of course. Everybody has different needs of sleep in the night, some need 4 hours some 10. But try to find out how much you need. Don't drink coffee, tea or anything else with cafeine in the night. Better a glass of hot milk or anything. Try to get into the rythm. Maybe there is a tv program that you watch and after that you can get to bed, that would be excelent. Try to eat healthy, fat food makes that you don;t have enough energy. What also helps is sporting in the night. Not too late, because then your heartbeat is still too fast when you are in your bed. Maybe it helps Wink
stare att thos big boobs sitting on the opposite side of the tabel in the coffe room

sorry about the remark but it works ...

if ur a girl stare att hes .. whatever u girls Stare att
yee know
darrell wrote:
Go and take a bath and wash your fath would be sufficient

You have a bath at work? Because that's what the topic is.

And yeah, everone's saying what they would do at home. Note that the topic is what you do when you're at work.

Anyway, I don't work yet (applying for a job at Dicksmith, Safeway and Coles), so I'm gonna say what I do at school. I ask to go to the toilet, have a drink, and then milk my walk back to the classroom.
I'd get up, have a walk around, have something to eat or drink, have a stretch.

If that doesn't work, I pack it in and doze off if I have the chance Razz
i will use a pen to punch myself.......

or i will go to sleep
i probably sleep
start to listen to music and start moving around here and there, wash my face, my ears to give me the chills all over the body, and a few slaps in my face... coffee doesn't work on me, neither tea... lol
Try sucking on some ice. A cold drink can wake you up and re energise you.
Mountain Dew seems to work well for staying awake as well...or just get up and walk about for a few minutes
cold water... usually it's the heat the makes you so tired and sleepy... wash ur face with some cold water, it should wake keep you up for awhile... then if you feel tired again just repeat it.
If i get sleepy, then i will get up and start to play computer games. I will not be sleepy anymore. Razz
When you get sleepy after eating it means your lazy! hhehehe. joke. I suggest you try eating small meals. If you eat too much more than your body could digest in a single meal. Your digestion tends to slow down and you would feel heavy and drowsy. Try eating five small meals a day instead of three large meals this will make your digestion better. If you still feel sleepy after that softdrinks like coke has caffeine content which could awaken you.
Ask a doctor for advice, they understand the human body better than most. beyond that.....
- train your mind. when you notice that you are becoming bored set a timeframe for concentraiting and apon reaching it reward yourself in some way. Only if you were able to actualy force yourself to concentrate. if you find that you cant force yourself to concentrate you may be overestimating your present ablities. negative reinforcement (make yourself suffer) gives quicker results but will not last long. Like a slap in the face while you are driving. you wake up but will soon be drifting again.
-keep the oxygen flowing. if you feel that you are going to yawn take deep breaths instead. yawning will actualy make you more tired and serves the same purpose for your body as deep breath. also vatamine C is used by your body to help move oxygen around, it works best with food.
-sleepyness after lunch. alot of this has to do with what you eat. some foods are harder to digest than others and so will draw blood away from the rest of your body. unfortunatly these are usualy also the foods that will make you feel fullest. If you have the option try to eat small snacks throughtout the day rather than meals, it is better for your matabalism and you will avoid taxing your bodys reserves for digestion. also B vitamins are shown to aid your matabolism. if you are taking large amounts of B vitamins you will likely also need extra magnisium in your diet as they work together.
-dont get stiff. learn to figet and stretch. focus your eyes to the distance and from side to side regularly, dont let yourself stare at something up close for too long.
-your environment makes a difference too. beleive it or not color makes a difference in your behavior. notice that fast food chains like the color red. that's because the color read makes you want to move and be active, green makes you relaxed. white will make you alert but is not particularly good for any job that requires you to come up with inovative ideas. black is the oposite. it helps you to think deeply but also makes you tired. I dont realy like the color enof to suround myself with it but yellow causes you to be upbeat and active and seems to be the best one for office and manufacturing work.
-sound does it too. music will help you concentrate, provided it is in the background. static and repedative sounds will put you to sleep. sometimes you dont even notice they are there. like the whirl of your computers fan or the sound of the central air.
-stay cool. warmth will put you to sleep, stay cool. I knew a trucker who would wear shorts all winter with the heat turned off in his truck to avoid falling asleep between coffee shops. That is a bit extreem but it worked.
-finaly, unless something else pops into my head, dont over do it. your body will give you so much before it says that's enof. use all things in moderation you dont want to over do any of them. being alert taxes you other wise you wouldnt need to sleep. know when to use your energy and when to relax. but dont get so relaxed you cant come back out of it, that will get you fired.
-ok, realy the last one. exercise in your off time. being in good shape is very very important. I guarentee it.
-last last one. make sure you are getting as much sleep as you need. be on a schedule. I need 4-6hr my wife needs 8-10, my best friend has a sleeping disorder that causes him to stop breathing for short times while he sleeps. he never feels rested.

--take it all in before you tear it all down
usually I'm going to sleep right away, other than that, I try throwing some cold water on my face or drinking some Pepsi or do something not booring(usually something on the computer).
my advice would be get a good night sleep and if that doesnt help take an egg timer with you to work and take a short power nap on your break trust me they help alot.

Actually, what I do when I get sleepy is a go around and roundhouse kick people. It's an amazingly manly thing to do, and, it helps you attain near Chuck Norris-ness.

Chuck Norris is a pretty tight dude.
Go to sleep Neutral
works at my place Neutral

And since that doesn't work at most places, try just hiding under your desk and putting a sticky note on it that says you went to the copy machine Neutral
KHO wrote:
Go to sleep Neutral
works at my place Neutral

And since that doesn't work at most places, try just hiding under your desk and putting a sticky note on it that says you went to the copy machine Neutral
Your overuse of the Neutral smiley is making me... sleepy.
Things to say if you are caught sleeping at work:

1) You are taking one of those 15 minute power-naps that are supposed to increase employee productivity.

2) They told me at the blood bank this might happen.

3) Whew! I guess I left the top off the white-out again, you got here just in time.

4) I wasn't sleeping! I was meditating on the misson statement and envisioning a new paradigm.

5) I was testing my keyboard for drool resistance.

6) I was doing a highly specific Yoga exercise to relieve work-related stress. Are you discriminating against people who do Yoga?

7) Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out a solution to our biggest problem.

8 ) The coffee machine is broken...

9) Someone must've put decaf in the wrong pot!

And the best thing to say if caught sleeping:
10) Slowly lift your head and say "In Jesus' name, Amen"
what i do when im at work and i get sleepy....come to frihost forums and also i work from home so going to my bed and sleeping always works lmao!
Stress Balls + Rubics cubes. Darts. Porno's. Doodling. Cleaning + Tidying. Fantasising. Foruming. Very Happy
If Im sleepy...I stay awake.... Laughing
This doesn't really work for individual days, but work exercise into your daily schedual. It will make you generally more awake and energetic. Sometimes I get lazy and stop exercising but then I just become really lax and mop around. But when I get into a good exercise schedual I have more energy to get through the day.
leat397 wrote:
How could u fight against sleepy when u are at work? Don't teach me smoking and those kind of bad stimulation.

Any suggestions for me? I am not God Dxxn sleepy after lunch Crying or Very sad

When I'm sleepy, I just do some stretching in the office. I go to the bathroom and do a lot of stretching there. LoL. Well if you don't like the idea of stretching, I also make myself a nice cup of coffee or a glass of hot chocolate.
Stand up, walk around, drink some cold water perhaps. Washing your face might also help. And i always have an apple with me, you know: an apple a day keeps tiredness away Wink
Ok, so when you are feeling sleepy, it is one of the following,

1. Your body is tired and your brain is being sent signals that you need to rest.
2. You are bored, doing something that you are not enjoying.
3. You metabolism has slowed down due to (Heat, Fitigue etc).

You should address the problem that is causing it, if 1. is true, then the best thing to do is to get some rest. Sleep/Power Nap. If however sleeping is not an option then get a caffine drink as suggested which will simulate signals to your brain saying that you are fine. Hence your brain will not tell you to sleep. However you should note that caffine simulates singnals and is basically a non toxic poison to your body. Which you body will try get rid of as soon as possible, this causes dehydration. So you might get the active feeling right away but your body will pay the price later since you have not addressed the actual problem.

If you 2. is true then find something interesting to do, go for a walk, talk to someone, watching something funny etc.

If 3. is true then address the problem, drink more water, find a cooler place.

Feeling sleepy is symptom of something not right in your body, so try to address the actual cause of the problem.
I do what most of my colleagues do… I get up for few minutes, go to the terrace and take some fresh air, stretch a little…
Cold water also helps a lot and also some chewing gum with really fresh taste. Wink
I take caffeine pills with CocaCola... I guess its not natural or a good idea, but it seems to wake me widely!

I cant really do power naps, but know people who can... Do they really work?

Fruit is always a good one... BANANAs are my favourite... the tastiest and chewiest of all fruits... But I suppose biting into a lemon would have a nice effect!

medesignz wrote:
I cant really do power naps, but know people who can... Do they really work?

I just know from school, when I'm really tired I "switch off" my brain for about ten minutes or so, afterwards I'm not so tired anymore. However I don't like the power naps, I oversleep most of the time^^
haha... my point exactly... when I sleep I SLEEP! You could kick me in the head and I'll just roll over...

I'm gone for hours, not whispy pansy 30minute snoozes! haha Laughing
WOW...someone had to really had to look to dig up this topic...I thought it died out like 3 years ago Confused
I just go to sleep. Smile

if it was something important to do, maybe energy drink will do the rest
to be honest, anytime i feel sleepy i go to the ladies rest room take a little nap. say 10 to 15 minutes. recently i am learning to just go out do some walk. some other work that does not involve sitting behind the pc. it helps alot. these two things.
Drink a coffe. Take a walk. Streach. Sleep!
Greatking wrote:
to be honest, anytime i feel sleepy i go to the ladies rest room take a little nap. say 10 to 15 minutes. recently i am learning to just go out do some walk. some other work that does not involve sitting behind the pc. it helps alot. these two things.

hahaha.... I'm scared to ask where exactly you take a nap in the ladies room... you must have perfect balence when you are sleeping
well, just do anything... Just stay away from coffee, as far as i can!
I have problems with my sleep and I actually confront this problem. Tough I never fall asleep I drink tea and wash my face if I want a little more freshness. Sometimes I drink milk with a little coffe but the tea does the trick.
well... I think smoking is one of the good choices but you don't want it.. Laughing
deep breathin and stretching are good for sleepy condition.
I go through a ton of pop...anything with caffeine Shocked

Right now I'm working on a construction deadline that's behind thanks to weather, running sun up to sun down...6AM to 10PM about 16 hours. By the end of the day its all I can do to stand, just about plopped off a roof last night Embarassed Caffeine only lasts so long Confused At least I got today off thanks to heavy rain all day Laughing 6AM comes WAY to early with a 30 mile drive before it...doesn't help when the house is located on one of the curviest roads in the county Shocked
Going to bed I guess. But if I really want to stay up then drinking something hot like tea or coffee.
since I work for myself, I just close up and go sleep Embarassed Embarassed
lol. its funny because when i read the topic i instantly said i sleep when i feel sleepy but then i read your comment haha. no tea isn't that good for staying awake. coffee is thee best ooption if you want to stay awake.
Taking a nap on your lunch instead might help... but then you would have the problem of hunger instead.
This reminds of the days I would come in to work from a long night out. It’s a horrible feeling and not even a gallon of coffee helped. You have to try and stay busy and active, or else you feel it overwhelming your will to try to stay awake.
i just go to bed and nap for a while then back to my PC and work....there's no time relaxing now a days...
I either have tea or ganoderma-based coffee. Even a glass of water helps. Watching your favourite programme on TV also helps me in keeping awake.
I either have some coffee, or jump around in the room. Just 8, or 10 jumps can make your heart beat faster and it helps you not to fell asleep.
Usually i go sleep for some time 5 or 10 minutes and wake up wilth little more freshness.

I can suggest you wash your face, do someting you very much intersted in.

Or think of some ting you can not afford, though it will increase your pressure,
it will help you to get rid of your sleepy mood
if i were sleepy i would probrably take drugs without knowing it...XD
I fall asleep, no matter what. Very Happy
Mrs Lycos
well i drink a bit of cofee go out to have some air and wash my dace with cold water ! or just fall asleep without knowing it xD
Hmmm, washing your face - which is seemingly a popular way around it - usually works. Other than that, the semi-bad habit of drinking coffee is especially good and useful for you not-yet-addicts. Hmm, but I'd also say that the most useful solution would probably be standing up, walking around, maybe having some fresh air outside.. Though sometimes it just can't be cured really - using loads of self discipline and get over the critical point is just necessary sometimes I guess...
While I don't like energy drinks, I think that coffe can be a good solution.

But the best one, is to drink natural hot drinks such as pu her tea or Ginseng.
Deeping happy! I think if you have a good feeling , you will not to sleep even at night.
spring567 wrote:
Deeping happy! I think if you have a good feeling , you will not to sleep even at night.


I know for many English is not their native language...but I'm afraid I just don't understand what your trying to say here. Sad Embarassed
The best thing I can do to fight with my sleep is to sleep!!, thats the best one can do Very Happy

well jokes apart I would turn and twist my head a couple of times to shake off the slumber and then may be go in for a hot beverage, then if in the mood going for a shower might be a good option as well, and if that does not help much doing a wheelie on my bike is always a yes yes!! Smile
read short dose of inspirational stuffs, email, and think of the good things you can do after a cup of tea does help =)
I drink a cup of strong coffee but if i am at home and say i am studying anddont want to sleep i run very cold water in a dish and soak my feet inside, it always does the trick for a few hours until i start getting used to the temperature.
just sleep even for seconds.
Start reading an interesting book. That will keep me up for hours, even when I should be sleeping.
I work on generating energy. Get up, walk around, run on the spot.
I would take a quick nap if I was able to or I would just push through the day and go to bed earlier that day.

I guess I could eat some sweets to make me more alert but I don't like coffee.
Tea or coffee works great for most people, but I'm Russian and have built up a ridiculous tolerance for caffeine from drinking tea all the time (it's a traditional thing Very Happy). So when I'm sleepy as heck and need to stay up, I have to drink Red Bull or a similar energy drink. Even then, it only prevents me from falling asleep standing up--if I lay down and close my eyes, I'll still fall asleep. Depends on the person, though.
Drink coffee and plenty of water during work.
I'm rarely tired. Only when I stay up for 24+ hours, usually, which is a rare occurence for me.

Try drinking caffeniated beverages (coffee, cola, energy drinks) and splashing water on your face. A cool breeze can help, as can some kinds of music (probably should play them over headphones if you're at work).
Right now I'm really sleepy. I bought a coffee. I hope that it will make some effect on me!
One must never avoid sleep. So I always go off to sleep when I feel sleepy.But if I have to keep awake for some time, then I have DXN Ganoderma Coffee or tea or I watch TV.
Utopia GFR
This happens to me almost every day at work.

The hardest moment in trying to struggle against sleep is after lunch where I feel like seriously taking a quick nap.

There is usually no coffee left so I have to stick to mineral water and that doesn't really help me stay awake for hours and hours.

Of course, it is commonly said that going to sleep early or drinking loads of coffee (or any other stimulating beverage) can avoid falling asleep at work or in any kind of situation.

I'd recommend sleeping at least 6 or 7 hours at night if you wanna make it through the whole day without being like a zombie Very Happy

- Beny
Well, if you are really sleepy and can't work properly, then find a quiet place with a couch (or even your car if you have one) and take a power nap. 10-30 min nap can really make you feel refreshed. Naps are actually very healthy, its a shame people don't take them anymore.

If you really think you need a nap, try to find a place to take it. It will actually help you work better the rest of the day.
I am now sleepy....there's no frappuccino....ugh...i must sleep now then....good night....
windrei wrote:
stand up and go to wash the face

very good adive, I think Smile it always helps me but the water must be cold! Smile
Sleep of and dream of something that you are doing your routine daily work. In that way you'll be able to complete your sleep and be happy for some time while in sleep Wink
Eat something. (Not necessarily caffeine).

Or just sleep more.
if trying to pull an all-nighter i usually just drink a few cups of tea and make sure i get up every hour or so and walk around/stretch out
Thinking something funny.
get some fresh air, buy a chewing gum.
If I'm really tired while I'm at school, I try to sleep while I'm on the bus... or if I can (Which I've yet to be caught for), is have a little nap in class, though if you're at work, I wouldn't recommend this for obvious reasons Razz

But if I actually have money, I'll run up to the store and grab an energy drink and chug it, and I'm good to go until I get home. Lately I've started drinking coffee though, so my need for "napping" in class has declined. Actually I haven't fallen asleep in any classes yet this year, so I think coffee is the way to go Razz
Exercise! And eating! Those are things that always perk me right up. If you work in an office, just try going for a quick walk, or do some jumping jacks (provided that wouldn't look really weird to your colleagues)
If all else fails, try an energy drink. Smile
Energy drinks always do the trick for me. If none are available then a tea or coffee will do...or even a soda. And of course, you can always try splashing cold water on yourself and/or drinking cold water....
I usually try and laydown, and stay up as long as I can.

It seems the longer you try and stay awake, the faster you fall asleep haha. So I suppose it works for me.,
I find that standing up and walking around are some of the best ways to stay awake. Whenever I'm at the libray studying for a class or something, I usually get sleepy right away. To fight this, I just get up and walk around (looking like I need to find something on the shelves) and when I get back the sleepy feeling is usually gone. If that doesn't work, I walk to the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face. It works wonders, but leaves you with a wet face unless you can dry yourself off.

The only problem is that when you are in class, you don't have tha toption of getting up an walking around every few minutes, especially if you're in a boring class. You might be able to pul it off if you sit in the way back, but if you get up too often people will start to notice and the professor might think you are trying to avoid his class or something

I usually have a nap. Razz
Wash your face with cold water from the fridge Or pretend to be awake while sleeping with eyes wide open.
Stand up once in a while and get something to eat. Washing your face is also a nice way to stay awake.
yes, sometimes I feel sleepy at work too.
If I'm way too tired, I go to a room that's empty, (sometimes even the smoking room, although I don't smoke) and take a 10 -15 minute power nap, which usually does the trick.
Sometimes, also the W.C., if its cleaned up.
Sometimes energy drinks work for me, but not always.

Once I went out of the office, and there was a park nearby, and I slept there for about 15 minutes which was during my lunch break anyways. But I can't do that often. Laughing or actually, anymore!

But to prevent sleepiness at work, try to get a good night sleep the previous night.
coffee is my solution. Or, sometimes I find an empty room and go take a short nap--I always feel refreshed after I've done that.
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