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Thunderbird 3

There is a new version of Mozilla's Thunderbird which is now available from

Version 3 - the advertised enhancements are tabs, better search and mail archiving.

I only installed it yesterday, and whilst it is different, it generally seems quite good. Especially if you have multiple e-mail accounts.

I've found one small bug... but apparently that is solved, and due to be fixed with the release of 3.01 (mid-end of January).

Do you use Thunderbird ? and how do you find this upgrade ?

Thanks for telling, just downloaded and installed it, looks quite different from TB2
I find thunderbird to be a lot more polished personally. They have also done a good amount of work with the gmail comparability, so i am using it now instead of the gmail web interface.
I like it... especially how easy it was to set up. It transferred everything from thunderbird 2, completely painlessly.

And, apparently, you can add new email accounts with only the email address and password now, which would be very convenient. Almost makes me want to make a new email account just to try that out.
the new one is a big improvement, its just more user friendly than before. It always had great functionality, just hard to set up. Finally got friends to start using desktop email client again.
Sweet! Thanks for telling, malcolmpreen! Just downloaded and installed it. There are now tabs, a new feature that I may just find very useful. Will be giving feedback once I've used it some more. Smile
I have been using Thunderbird for some time now and have found the upgrade to version 3 very easy. I like the slightly changed interface with the tabbing. One thing I do wish is that when you open the address book, is that it opens in a tab also. One other thing that has always bugged me about it as well is the poor settings for fonts etc. All I want is to ensure it always uses Arial 10pt, but can I get it to stick to it? NO. If I receive a mail from somebody who's using a different font, or if there's a signature involved, it messes it all up.

On the whole though, it is my preferred email program, and will continue to be so until I find something better.
For the record, 3.01 was released at the end of last week.

The bug I had found, selecting multiple filters to run on an alternate folder, has been fixed, so you can now select multiple filters as was always possible in previous versions.

I have numerous e-mail accounts, and "Smart Folders" is interesting... takes a while to get used to..

Basically... you get a top level Inbox, Drafts, Templates, Sent, Archived, Junk, Deleted and Outbox which accesses all of this folder from all of your mails... and then the specific folders per account are available beneath that....

I've not found an explicit use for this feature yet.... but it'll be worth considering when I add another mail account.

I can't believe I just found this out. I only use Thunderbird to send email from my @*.edu email well reading gmail email (because I forward all to my gmail). I really like the gmail interface better. However, I feel that TB3 has improved a lot and I might use it more.
hmmm when I saw the SpiceBird... the thunderbird 3 was not a huge impression. It gest better, they could have given us everyting in tabs, missing: address book, composing - then i could use one window.
Hey thanks for telling me Ill download it right now and install it.
Wow, I use to use version one when I still had my university email so I could check my gmail and university email all in one place. I avoided my university's webmail because it really sucked. But once it expired, I stopped using the client and stuck to with gmail since I always had a browser open anyways.

Gmail now has an offline plugin but I guess I could use Thunderbird to backup real important emails. Anyone here use POP to check gmail only?
I actually found that it switched from POP3 to IMAP for me (from Thunderbird 2). I wish I'd known that sooner as I was used to being able to delete emails from my PC without affecting my actual email account. Oh well. Nothing important wasn't saved away anyway. Razz
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