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How should I start learning PHP and SQL?

I want to start learning PHP and SQL and I wanted to know where whould I give my first steps.
What should I do and if you know anywhere easy to understand for beginners and with good quality of lessons...

Thanks a lot!
Few good and simple examples you can find on
It is good site for start. Also try to search for php, mySql examples it is lot of sites on interntet. I am sugest to install php 5 and mySql on your computer (and maybe some other programs: phpmyadmin - for simplest way of creating and controling mySql db). If you want to test your scripts on your local machine you must install some server (Apache, etc.), too. Of course, if you want you can test your scripts direct on some web server but in that case you need every time to upload your php file or work in Direct Admin.

An important starting point IMHO, is to have a project that you want to work on, that is well suited to PHP/SQL.

I had such a project this time last year, and spent quite a lot of time reading up about database design (which is REALLY important), and once I had worked that out... I set about learning PHP to either load/manage/display the various tables.

Personally I found that google was my friend... searches such as "php select record"

I'd also recommend testing on a non-live platform - ideally completely local... but that depends on how much help you might need with your code....

Once you have the basics in place.... and one particular part isn't working... if it is accessible on the internet you might be able to get specific help by posting links....

Good luck, Malcolm (not an expert in this field.... YET!)
I personally just started looking through open source scripts to see what did what, looked at w3schoools pages, and other stuff like that. I just picked it up without really following anything.
You can start from manual of php on

Create a simple database, and a php page to add / edit data.

Or start implementing the project that keeps you up at night. My advice is to start very simple, 1 table, 1 php page, and add to it as you learn more.
You should definately keep it simple when you want to learn about MySQL databases.
Once you mastered a bit of PHP and go on with MySQL you should really give yourself simple goals.

-How can I find data from this table?
-How can I add data to this?

Make small projects for yourself and only look what others did in the end. Google for functions you don't understand and try to not look at examples as you often forget things unless you thought of them yourself.
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