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What foods together make complete proteins?

My new boyfriend is a vegetarian, and always plans his meals by what makes full proteins. I feel too stupid to ask him, but I really want to know. I know I don't eat meat on a daily basis, so even though I'm not a vegetarian myself, it still sounds like good stuff to know.
Peanut Butter and Bread (grains and peanuts) although too much of it of course could be high in fat. Rice and lentils. Hummus (sesame paste, lemon juice and chick peas) and pitta bread. High protein meal replacement formulas. If milk is included it is a good source of complete protein, probably best absorbed if taken in a fermented state like kefir or good quality yochurt. Cheese, but that could also be high in fat.
Deanhills is pretty much spot on there. I wouldn't feel stupid to ask him though - if anything it shows that you care! If you really don't want to ask him directly, you could just find out what some of his favourite foods are.
AftershockVibe wrote:
If you really don't want to ask him directly, you could just find out what some of his favourite foods are.
You would not want to know what my favourite foods are. I break all of the rules most of the time with little bursts here and there of trying to eat nutritious foods. In the meanwhile I have purchased a number of books, get carried away with searches on the Internet, getting more and more confused by the day. All I know is that of the healthiest people I have seen in the world, are individuals who are surfing and spending lots of time in the ocean and getting plenty of exercise and living on hamburgers and high-fat diets. When one is active and enjoying sport or other activities, food becomes more of a fuel than a focus. When you have too much time to think about it, the details can trip you up. Back to the topic, there are plenty of good vegetarian threads on the Internet. As well as Recipe Websites. But yes, you are onto something here. Maybe all Enterprise needs to do is to look at other vegetarians and what their favourite foods are, or to visit vegetarian restaurants and check out their main entrees on the menus.
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