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Americans and Europeans join Al Qaeda

Pakistan police have apprehended Americans who have travelled to Pakistan to join Al Qaeda. There has to be a terrible irony in that. Although I can't help but wonder how legitimate it could be? Would it not be in Al Qaeda's interest to keep them in the United States, and would they not be in the category of undesirables that Al Qaeda would not want to identify with in Pakistan? Surely these guys have to be very naive to have openly travelled to Pakistan, obviously they would have been suspicious from the time of their entry into Pakistan and it would be to the detriment of Al Qaeda for them to have found their way to Al Qaeda?

News Report:
Pakistani police are pursuing terrorism charges against five detained American men, police said Friday, a move that could complicate efforts to bring the men back to the United States where they could also land in the courts.

The case has bolstered fears that Americans and other Westerners are heading to Pakistan to link up with al-Qaida and other militant groups, and it could test a U.S.-Pakistani relationship already made brittle by demands of the war in neighboring Afghanistan.
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