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Question on virus protection


I've been using computers for about 6 years now and it wasn't until the last couple weeks where I've realised how much of an idiot I was in the context of viruses and how to protect myself from them. So I done some research on the subject and I'm still not 100% sure about it.

I've heard there are many different types of viruses, listing from Trojans to worms to ad-ware.

My first question is...

How many different types of viruses are there and how can I be protected from them?

Software which I currently use to protect myself are...

I. Avast Anti-Virus
II. Ad-ware
III. Spyware Blaster/Guard
IV. Spybot S&D

I heard Avast is really good but I've only recently downloaded it. I've also read somewhere that the most common virus is Trojans and that is what anti-viruses specialise in searching for. (not sure if this is true Confused)

My second question is...

Is it OK to have more than one anti virus installed at a time?

I have a friend that told me this was a bad idea. He told he had first hand experience with AVG and Norton installed and multiple accounts of problems when it came to virus scans.

My third question is...

Is it OK to have more than one anti-virus scanning your computer or having an anti-virus and an ad-ware scanning your computer at the same time?

Besides the fact it slows your computer down but will there be errors or any problems associated with doing so?

I use Ad-ware to protect me from ad-ware. I'm not exactly sure what Ad-ware is (besides the program itself) but ad-ware viruses I don't know. I assume it's some kind of program which spams ads at you. Laughing

I don't know why I use Spyware Blaster/Guard, it's probably a bad idea to have them both ... I don't know Confused It just makes me feel more protected lol and I also use Spybot S&D.

I don't believe I have any firewalls besides the default one they give you but I always have it disabled 'cause it blocks some of the programs I use also I can’t be bothered changing the settings. I heard ZoneAlarm is a good firewall but again I heard Norton was good…Laughing

I think it's my system but whenever I had any anti-virus installed on my computer. My audio system fails and there's no sound...
First of all, Antivirus and adware software usually search known threats. Huristic searches where behaviour of a program is tested to be malicious or not are not very successful and are not the primary method of these programs. Since there are a lot of people developing malicious prgrams like trojons, worms, spyware etc, so there is always a threat of getting attacked even with the best antivirus and spyware remover software even if it is up to date.

Avast, Norton Antivirus, Macafee, Avira, AVG are all good antivirus and some of them have free versions. They have a very comprehensive database and all of them keep updating the database all the time. You can install any one of them. Installing more than one may improve security in the term that if one of them has not added the update of some new virus while the other has done so you may get the protection. Using more than one antivirus however some time causes problems. With file system protection, these programs run background services that intercept every file operation. This may slow down the computer and can potentially cause deadlocks. More over, running system wide scan by more than one program may cause heavy hard disk activity.

I recomend that you may use a singal suit of comprehensive protection. Like Avira has professional version that provide all security features like spyware protection, firewall etc.
1. There are hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of different viruses, and thousands more are spread each day. Either install a non-retarded antivirus program (McAfee and Norton qualify as extremely retarded), or just switch to Linux and do away with the entire problem (or Linux's handicapped little brother, Mac OS X).

2. No, don't install more than one antivirus program. In fact, when you install one it usually checks if others are on your system and tells you to remove them first.

3. Just make all the scans occur at different times.
I. Avast Anti-Virus
II. Ad-ware
III. Spyware Blaster/Guard
IV. Spybot S&D

As long as Avast is up to date, your fine with that. Otherwise, Ad-Aware is old and no longer effective as others. I've never heard of Spyware Blaster and Spybot is in the same boat as Ad-Aware. Just out of curiousity, why are you using four antispywares? (Avast counts as a anti-spyware program as it detects some). It's not needed.

Here's my suggestion: remove spybot, ad-aware, and spyware blaster and replace them with Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. They're both free, and work much better then the ones you currently have. Avast can stay because it's mainly an antivirus program.

Answers to your questions:

1. Avast should be able to protect itself if a virus tries to remove/disable your antivirus.

2. Running two antiviruses at once is a horrible idea, they can interfere with each other.

3. They can interfere with each other, and could cause massive instability with your computer. For example, to install Kaspersky you have to remove SuperantiSpyware because it's apparently non-compatible (although it is).
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