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Please Visit My Webpage Served From Home Computer


I have just set up a home computer server..When you view this link

You will be served a page from my home computer..

This is a fun project to set up.
Nice to see you have a home server set up.

But I did check out your youdopage website and I have a few issues with it

First of all, the navigation is unintuitive. You click a link on the main page and all of the main links change to subpages. Not something a user will understand or expect. You should show the hierarchy or give users breadcrumbs so they know where they are and how to get back to where they came from. Sure there is the back button, and I see you have a site map link, but these are not as usable.

Secondly, you seem to briefly touch on way too many topics without giving enough information in any of them to be very useful. Some pages seem to be a work in progress, but still, my advice is to focus on one page and really make it go in depth enough to be useful. For example, give a real tutorial on css, introducing properties, how they work, some examples of code and what it does, then refer the user to say w3schools for a complete reference (you can't expect to teach everything). Start there and then make each page more complete.

Good luck, I think you've got a nice idea and I'd like to see you succeed with it.
Ghost Rider103
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First of all, the navigation is unintuitive.

That's it. You're so right. If you knew the amount of programming I need to do to fix this you would feel sorry for me.

I need to take a tree view and turn it into a web map..But as you said..It really needs to be done..


Moved to Advertise Your Website section. The website section is only for websites you found/use, NOT to promote your own website.

Sorry. I wasn't too sure where to post this one. I was just happy to get my home server up and show everyone where my computer is.. lol
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