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Learn English

What is the best way to learn speak English? I'd like to learn pronouncing, because I think this isn't good I'll expect. Maybe Skype is good way to learn?

So, give me advice.

By the way, I rather to learn British English. And I have and question futhermore, what is the biggest difference between American English and British English? Is British English "softer" than American English? What you think?
Can American people speak with British accent and contrariwise? Or you must learn that? I watched House, where Huhg Laurie is talking with American English, but after that I watched from Youtube some kind of interview with him and there he was talking with British English? Why he wouldn't speak in House with British accent? I like British accent more, than any other English accent (don't be nettled Very Happy ), because this is funny and it's good to hear that.
I think, a linguistic trip to England is the best.
There one learns the right debate best of all.

England is the most popular country to learn English. But it is not only the English language, the linguistic enthusiast in addition moves linguistic travelling England to make, but also the great historically significant country.

There is a big Unteschied how English becomes in England gespochen, or in the USA, Canada or Australia.
For British english you definitely must either go to Britain or try to speak with some British if you can find any. Other english speaking countrymen usually have their own weird (by British standards) accent added. I talk to a lot of singaporeans and their english is markedly different from British English you hear from movies.
I think you have to consciously watch films in British English. Höhrer can also learn from the best.
cemica wrote:
Maybe Skype is good way to learn?

I can't see how you can learn by chatting. It's not a good idea.

British English is often thought to be less rationalised compared to its American transformation. I heard this from English teachers not in the UK. I don't agree with that. A proper characteristic of American English would be "simplified". For example, AE tends to use less perfect tense than BE. AE has formed under strong influences from languages of immigrants. Therefore some complicated language forms haven't survived while other trivialised ones developed instead.

You have to learn from a native BE speaker who is a qualified teacher. In your country you can probably find TEFLs - teachers of English as a foreign language. They are mostly young university graduates from English-speaking countries.
i also want to learn but now i had to work 55555
Hello Granval,

what do you mean by work 55555??
55555 work tells me nothing.

Greeting tdossi
I am giving you suggestion learning chocolate web site is very good for learning English. loving learning
.because Its aim to help students and users to memories English vocabulary in an easy and efficient way, by using pictures, sounds and games.
There is lot of services that helps you to learn English which has various activities, exercises and resources to learn English. The translation services are also the best for learning English that has a group and has provided high quality professional translation.
It sounds like good,thanks to everyone,my english is poor and I want to have a good english job.
tdossi wrote:
I think you have to consciously watch films in British English. Höhrer can also learn from the best.

It's a good idea!
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