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How To Download Multiple MU Links At Once

Im not 100% sure where to post this one and I thought that it was the best spot for it.

I have to say that I hated the fact that download sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare will only allow you one download at a time and only a certain about per day unless you pay a large amount for premium service. Now I dont know about you but I dont feel like dishing out a bunch of money just to get my download a little sooner.

Ok I have used this method to download up to 20 MegaUpload links at once and it only counts towards one download

1. Make a text document of all the MU links you're going to do

2. Put the first MU link in your address bar and hit enter

3. Now how ever many MU links you want to download open that many blank tabs ( not new windows )

4. Now in each of the tabs put the MU link in and bring up the pages

5. Go ahead and type in the letter code in each and hit enter ( now you should be on the page to download on them all )

6. Now as fast as you can hit download in each of them letting the "what do you want to do/save where " boxes pile up

7. Click save on all those boxes and watch them all download.. 15 min after they are all done you can do this again for your next set of dl's
Bit of a juggling act isn't it?

Why not simply use a piece of software that automates most of the process? See jdownloader or freerapid. After all, computers are supposed to make life easier. The only thing I don't like about these, is that they're coded in java (cpu, ram suck). When I was on linux I was using some cli versions like slimrat and plowshare. Now that was beautiful.

Megaupload is definitely better than the alternatives for simultaneous downloads. There's less of a drop in speed versus rapidshare for example.
To be honest Ive never looked into download managers so I wouldnt know. They are probably a lot easier to use but I just found this way to work for me when I needed it at the time and I thought Id share it seeing it was a pretty cool trick.
They are probably a lot easier to use but I just found this way to work for me when I needed it at the time and I thought Id share it seeing it was a pretty cool trick.

I understand what you're saying and if it works then awesome.

All I'm saying is that a manager can be more versatile than doing things by hand.

Not that I'm condoning downloading 200 rapidshare links all of which consist of split rar files that, once uncompressed, need to be joined together seamlessly by lxsplit all so I can watch a fcuking trailer.

Whew, got that off my chest and I feel GOOD.
This should not happen. If it is happening, then Megaupload will get around this as soon as they discover this. I think you cannot do the same with rapidshare.

About download managers, what can be done is to add a set of links in the manager and it should download files one by one. This is because these file hosting services do not allow simultanous downloads. This will work with rapidshare but with megaupload, the captha will prevent this happening and human intervention will be required.

I am not sure there will be some download manager that does this specially as different file hosting services have different ways of allowing users to download.

Recently, I found that rapidshare says that all download slots are filled, please try later. Not a good sign. This is the reason I prefer Megashare over Rapidshare.
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