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Make a program launch in windows 7 when Ipod is attached

I was wondering if any of you tech savvy people could help me. As stated I am running windows 7 and have an itouch that is jailbroken (tethered), they have not released an untethered version yet and so everytime my battery dies or it reboots i need to run the jailbreak program again, shich is annoying. anyhow i remembered when I originally plugged in the itouch that it had a pop up asking what i wanted it to do(do nothing,open in explorer, etc.) where you could check the selection you want and had the option (do this everytime), I chose take no action and do this everytime. Now I am wanting to try to associate the itouch with the blackrain jailbreak program so tha once i plug in the ipod it will launch the program. can anyone suggest how to make this happen? I have tried to right click the program but there is no (open with) option. Thanks in advance for any help
Maybe third-party software could do this easily, but with a stock Windows (7 or other), modifying the autoplay options is quite complicated. You will need to modify some registry values, create keys, modify others, etc..

Disclaimer: I did not try this manipulation, and this may brick your seven, but if you know what you're doing, here's how:

1/ A question first: do you have any window popping when you plug in your iPod?
2/If you do: Is the iPod recognized as an iPod specifically, or as a generic mass storage device (i.e. your USB key)
browse to : HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers
If it's "iPod": browse to DeviceClasses, tell me what's the content of the "DeviceHandler" key of each folder
If it's "Generic MSC": browse to EventHandlers and tell me if there's a folder with anything Apple, iPod, etc.. in it's name. If the answer's yes, tell me what keys are in it

You may have noticed that all of these are just verifications, you don't risk anything; I don't have an iPod right now, so I can't answer these questions myself.
it shouldn't be to hard to change your auto-play options. To bring up autoplay, press the windows key or click the orb and type: autoplay. Your ipod should come up under devices.
That's only true for mainstream programs, I think blackrain won't appear
Well, I can't be sure, I don't have an iPhone to test it ^^
I couldn't find it in the azutoplay options. i think I will just scrap this idea but thanks for all of the input.
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