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Climate deal does not satisfy all ....

Looks as though Obama has helped to broker a non-binding climate deal for setting targets for Greenhouse emissions as well as contributing some more of those famous and ever readily available US billions (probably small change as we are now in trillions of debt) to clean up some of the mess. Criticism by a number of countries who have been used for offshore industrial zones is that this brokering was mostly done on a one-on-one basis and behind doors. Also, that as it is non-binding that this would not be really that effective.

What do you think of Obama's claim that this "agreement" is an "unprecedented breakthrough"? Is it that kind of breakthrough, or just trying to please all, and not really achieving that much with regard to specific reduction of emissions? Just more talking and talking about talking?

Yahoo News Release:
Two years of laborious negotiations on a climate agreement ended Friday with a political deal brokered by President Barack Obama with China and other emerging powers but denounced by poor countries because it was nonbinding and set no overall target for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a leading proponent of strong action to confront global warming, gave the Copenhagen Accord grudging acceptance but said she had "mixed feelings" about the outcome and called it only a first step.

Obama's day of frenetic diplomacy produced a three-page document promising $30 billion in emergency aid in the next three years and a goal of channeling $100 billion a year by 2020 to developing countries with no guarantees.

The five-nation agreement includes a method for verifying reductions of heat-trapping gases a key demand by Washington, because China has resisted international efforts to monitor its actions.

The agreement, which also includes India, South Africa and Brazil, requires industrial countries to list their individual targets and developing countries to list the actions they will take to cut global warming pollution by specific amounts. Obama called that an "unprecedented breakthrough."

"We have come a long way, but we have much further to go," he said.

If the countries had waited to reach a full, binding agreement, "then we wouldn't make any progress," Obama said. In that case, he said, "there might be such frustration and cynicism that rather than taking one step forward, we ended up taking two steps back."
Is the agreement to give away billions of dollars also non-binding?
ocalhoun wrote:
Is the agreement to give away billions of dollars also non-binding?
I wondered about that? Does he get a budget he can work with before he goes to Conferences where treaties are negotiated? I always marvel at all the billions that always seem to be so readily available. No wonder the smaller developing countries such as the Maldives have the notion the US is such a wealthy country and should be sharing its wealth with the rest of the world. Instead of understanding that only some people in the United States are wealthy, the rest including the Government are living on borrowed money, in fact the Government is making its citizens who are poor even poorer.
Erm, it doesn't satisfy anyone. Confused
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