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Sing Off

There is a new show on NBC called "Sing Off" hosted by Nick Lachey. While I am not proud to be watching it, some of the groups are actually really good. I never realized how talented some acapella groups could be...beat box, bass and harmonies.

While Lachey is an awful host and makes you cringe just watching him pretend to be an MC, I think it is worth watching just to see the talent. It includes the top 10 acapella groups in the US and Puerto Rico. Personally, my favorite is the group from Puerto Rico "Nota". They are amazing.
I am one of the many who are disappointed in watching a show "hosted" by Lachey, but I do love the groups on the show. I just tuned in last night. To say the least, there are not any bad groups on Sing Off at all. Sadly, one of my favorite groups got eliminated. I absolutely loved Noteworthy. Nota is pretty good, but I can hardly stand the way the lead singer dresses.

In all honesty, I think that Noteworthy deserved to stay more than Maxx Factor, but oh well. I'm not getting paid a few million for my opinion. :/ As of right now, my favorite group is definitely Voices of Lee. SoCal isn't bad, I just don't like them nor their style.
Yea, Nota is definitely lacking in the dress department -- but they are just so tight.

SoCal bothers me b/c I lived in Southern California and outsides are the ones who call it "SoCal" or "Cali" -- just a pet peeve of mine.

The funniest/lamest aspect of the whole show was on Monday night when Lachey was telling which groups were "safe" -- after he said their name he'd say "now go back to your box" -- like they were children being sent to their room. I hope the Soup makes fun of it b/c it/he was so ridiculous.

Notworthy is good, but they did need some more bass.
Nota's sound does fit together very well, I do agree.

I honestly never really thought about the name. I just started watching it and remembered the name. Now that I know realize that SoCal is short for Southern California, I definitely can't stand the group. I am very much against unnecessary acronyms or shorthand. I'm not sure why; I guess it's personal preference.

Just in the night that I watched it, I thought I was going to die. Lachey get saying the same thing over and over.....and over. "Welcome back to Sing Off!, the show of [insert words that are synonymous with what I said after the last commercial break]". Then, after each group performed their "Guilty Pleasure", he'd say something like, "Go sit down and we'll see if you're staying for the next round in a little bit." Nick is certainly one of the worst hosts I've seen in a while.

I couldn't agree more. Despite the fact they were good, they didn't really have enough bass. If they had two guys to sing tenor and one on bass, they would've been so great.
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