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Your choice between job satisfaction and high income

what would you choose ? job satisfaction or high income ? why ?
hope to share your idea. Embarassed
Well both aren't always mutually exclusive but it commonly is. Personally I would choose job satisfaction and certainly over income. However it is possible to have a high paying for a few years retire early and get a job that makes you satisfied, and still partially live off your previous income or the interest. The best solution is a job that makes you happy that also pays the bills even though it may not be tons of money.
I'm not old enough to work. Razz But anyway, I would choose job satisfaction over money anytime because I think I'd rather be happy than make a ton of money. Actually, I would be happier making a ton of money on something I love. Smile
It depends on your age.

If you're young, then it would be high income.
If you're not so young, it would be job satisfaction.

And finally, if you're a one in a kind in your field, you'll have a high income for a job that you're satisfied with.
I am a sophomore student. To consider this issue may be a bit early, but it is really quite confusing.
So, I'm here with the hope to know more. It ,maybe can help me.
Thank you for sharing your ideas with me.
It depends how much income I need.

If I can get enough for my modest desires with a job I like, I'll get a job I like. If I need more money than that for what I want, I'll have to get a higher paying job.
I guess I would prefer a satisfying job over a high paying job. Although, I don't know, maybe a high income would be enough to make a job, that wouldn't be otherwise, that much more satisfying. At least temporarily. Ideally though, I a high paying and satisfying job would be great.
satisfaction for sure Cool
With accountancy you can make a lot of money, but a office job looks really boring to me.
I prefer changing work and not every day the same work.
Thats why I choose a satisfaction job Cool
goutha wrote:
It depends on your age.

If you're young, then it would be high income.
If you're not so young, it would be job satisfaction.

And finally, if you're a one in a kind in your field, you'll have a high income for a job that you're satisfied with.

Hmmm... For me it's actually the opposite. I'm young and so I would much rather have job satisfaction because at this point in my life, I only have me to worry about. I have no wife, kids, mortgage, etc. to worry about. My bills now are probably lower than they'll ever be (I'll eventually probably buy a house) and so I do not need a lot of money.

Whereas if I was older, with a family, mortgage, etc. I could see myself wanting the extra cash over job satisfaction.

However, I absolutely do not ever want kids and girls I tend to date feel the same so I'll never have kids (which are a terrible financial investment) so I'll never need that much money and I'll probably choose job satisfaction over cash for my entire life... And to top it off even more, I'm not a very materialistic person so I have an even less need for money... Hell, I've always been determined that I never want to be a teacher (and I really never want to be one) but I am trying to find a job like it to where I can have summer and holidays off... I can see that being satisfying..
Definitely job satisfaction, although sometimes I think it goes together with income. If you are satisfied with what you are doing you have greater chance of doing well what you are doing, and it may lead to higher income, whereas if you are only there for the income, and not happy with what you are doing, people may wise up to it, or you may crack as a result and the high income may have come more as a short term effort.
Satisfaction! Hopefully a job with high pay that is rewarding/satistifying. If you have a high paying job that you hate, the pay will still not be enough.
Job satisfaction.
At the moment I work at the minimum wage of canada (which is $9 / hour) and it's enough for me, because I love my job, if I'm happy enough with what I do in life, why should I care about money? As long as I can Live, I don't care about my money!

For sure I won't do that all my life long but still, I want to be happy with my job even if I earn a little less than anyone...

To Be happy has no price tag!
If they were mutually exclusive then I'd go for job satisfaction. As long as I can have enough money to live and get by I'm happy -- I don't need to be filthy rich or anything. I grew up in a pretty lower-middle class family so my whole life I've known how to get by with just enough money, so it'd be no biggie. And, I've had pretty horrible jobs that I absolutely hated and I would much rather wake up everyday and do something I like.
Money is not everything!
I see many kids today dream to have this major-salary job, to make money as quickly as possible and I really blame the education and the media for this. It's a problem because it prevents the possibility for some of the kids to develop and become brilliant scientists or intellectuals, instead making them wish they'd have this huge golden-plated office with lots of green paper in their pockets, educating them (usually indirectly) that it will bring them happiness. Wasted potential.

I see many young adults who suffer and hate their high-paying job. They feel like the money is choking the life out of them, and their happy new families dive into torment. Divorces, broken families, personal suffering - these are some of the results. Of course, there are people who love money, and I have nothing to say about people who somehow gain satisfaction from making large quantities of it.

However money should not be considered bad automatically, therefore having an interesting job with high salary is of course the best situation you can be at, but in my opinion decisions related to career choice should be based on the question of satisfaction; money and other materialistic benefits will only be a nice secondary reward to an already happy person.
That's how I think, and so far I'm quite happy with my life.
Definitely job satisfaction. If you choose a high-salary job you hate, you will hate it. By hating your job, you're not going to be putting your best into it, and you won't be showing what you could do. You may even lose your job due to lack of determination.

A satisfying job on the other hand, will have you putting your best effort into work, and you'll be showing what you could do. A lot of people are locked into thinking that this job has this salary, that job has that salary. Not necessarily, there is no one salary for most occupations. It's a range, many times huge with a $100,000 or more split. Don't always put yourself in the median salary, because if you enjoy your job, you will work hard and will go above and beyond your expectations. You should then rise to the top of the pay scale, or even over. It's all in the effort of the job, not the job itself necessarily.
pll wrote:
Job satisfaction.
At the moment I work at the minimum wage of canada (which is $9 / hour) and it's enough for me, because I love my job, if I'm happy enough with what I do in life, why should I care about money? As long as I can Live, I don't care about my money!

For sure I won't do that all my life long but still, I want to be happy with my job even if I earn a little less than anyone...

To Be happy has no price tag!
Good attitude like this goes a very long way. I'm almost certain that the minimum wage job will be temporary, and that this attitude and state of happiness will take you places. Happiness tends to attract good stuff to it. As much as unhappiness tends to shut all the good stuff that can come your way out. That's why I say that if you are happy where you are with job satisfaction, the rest is likely to follow. Also, it usually happens to people who do not have expectations about it. As soon as one starts to have heavy expectations, and it does not come your way, you sort of get unhappy about it and people do not relate well to unhappy people.
i need money and i dont care if i hate the job because i hate working in general so ill choose income over job satisfaction Very Happy
I would choose job satisfaction most definitely. I can't see making a lot of money and going to a job I hated. I probably wouldn't hold the job for long or would not do a very good job. When you have a job you like, everyone benefits - you, your employer; if you have clients or customers, they will benefit as well because if you like your job, you will want to help them.
A lot depends on how high maintenance your spouse and kids are.

It seems that all the political correctness the world is being indoctrinated with is sucking the drive to produce anything out of people. Nudging them to be mediocre and compliant.
I would choose job satisfaction over high income, this is because if i worked in a place that only had high income but didn't satisfy me i would dread each day that i would go to work. Which may also affect my job performance and my mood. If i chose to work in a place that satisfy me then i would look forward to each day i work.
firerabbit wrote:
what would you choose ? job satisfaction or high income ? why ?
hope to share your idea. Embarassed

I think job satisfaction, because i like to do something that have positive effect to my body and mind of course, but high incom is also important.
I don't think you can be 100% satisfied with the job you do, there always something that you won't want to do. I job can't be 100% funny.
I choosed job satisfaction to stay in my job.
Yeah, you have to take some sort of middle ground, but you can't purely have job satisfaction as for some people that would mean doing nothing (not me, I think I'd get frustrated as anything if I wasn't producing something with my time), and you can't purely have high income or you know, you just couldn't take it.

But I would definitely prioritise job satisfaction, with possible condition that you need enough money to support the kind of lifestyle you have.

That said, I love my current job web developing. I get paid to do more or less the same kind of thing that I would be doing in my free time anyway.
high income make you have satisfaction?
I'd go for high income, and I'll tell you why.
After you work for a year with high income, you can just relax, and start working 'for pleasure', and if you need money, you know that you still have a nice bank account, so you wont meet any problems.
after having countless jobs that didn't pay enough and made me miserable, ide say im ok with being under paid doing somthing that makes me happy, its not about being rich. as long as i can survive thats all that i care about.
at this stage of my life (im 30, with 3 young kids and a house and a few investment properties) i take high income every time

With that said i left my last job that i hated for my current one that paid about 20% more, with better hours and a more enjoyable im happy at the moment
Job satisfaction for me, pay is ok but you always spend more than you earn
It's never easy to work when you don't like the job. you become stressed, even depressed at times. saying that, I would go for job satisfaction. but then again, money is undeniably still an important aspect. i guess it still depends on how much money I need. because loving a job isn't enough. if I love the job but it can't help me live, then I'd choose a job with a high income and tolerate it. besides, like somebody here said, I can always resign or retire early after I got the money I need. hehe. it would be perfect if I can have just both though.
I guess that satisfactory job with high income is not an option Laughing ?

Job satisfaction is matter of affordability. If you can't, then high income.

I have seen somewhere post of retiring person, who worked on modest pay non-profit job all life by choice, and had high job satisfaction.
...Until the time came for retirement. Only then realization what was done came, and regret of carelessness about planning how to live the last third of life, when no options left...
i would choose both. job satisfaction and high income. but if i must choose one, then i would definately choose job satisfaction. because in the long run i would make money out of it. no hard work goes unrewarded. this i know.
High income.I can not live if I do not have enough money.
I think there's a good balance between making a living comfortably, and having a satisfying job. It's a tough choice to make if you have to choose one extreme, but I feel that if I can make a certain amount of money to live not lavishly, but comfortably, then I would just aim for any job that I would enjoy. It's a great thing when you can find a high-paying job that doesn't cause you too much stress, does the world some good, and make you feel like you don't even have a job at all (because it's so fun). But that's me being too idealistic.
Job Satisfaction for me... lets say, you have a high income but you're not happy in your job... its useless..
Well i would say For the income. If you have a good job that you like and you dont make enough money you still gunna be miserable. So why not get a job with a high income. Sometimes money makes easier, but then again it can make life ver very difficult.
I prefer job satisfaction rather than high income.

Right now my income is mediocre, but I like the job a lot.

I've tried working in other jobs, but can't do it unless its with some form of networking or gadgetry or new technologies.

I'd hate working for a very high income, because then I'd feel indebted to the company and work much harder, without considering my health, or rest of my life.

But for a lot of people high income matters more than job satisfaction, and I think its fine for them.

I'd hate to work in a place that I dislike doing what I do for the 8 hours a day.

But whoever it works for.....
For much people, the satisfaction is money!!!!

I think that its necessary to work a job that bring realization, a lot of people today search the realization personal, because the high salary do not complete anymore.

I wanna have a god Job, good salary and make anything to help a people around me, a better world around me, cnahge what its near me, for my realization too
certainly job satisfaction .because personal interesting is source of momentum.
me persobally I would choose job satisfaction...and that's what I do...but believe me...100% job satisfaction is probably impossible...
but for my family...I don't know...I definitely wouldn't choose a job that gives a lot of money but that makes me work long hours....and besides...I wouldn't like to be "rich" , rich people seem to have lots of behavioral and psichological problems....just having enough to appreciate the nice things in life is good.
Somewhere in the middle, if that's too boring. Otherwise, probably high income, because if I had to go to some extreme, I don't want to be living in poverty. I'll take a crappy job over living ont he streets, if you know what I mean. But really, I'd prefer to have more job satisfaction than income, but I don't want to be poor. So as long as I'm making enough money to get by comfortably, then I'll move everything over to job satisfaction. I'd like to know I'm making some difference in the world instead of simply running the rat race and trying to get ahead of everyone in the office or something. I'd also like my life to have some sort of meaning besides simply making more and more money.
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