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Best bands you've seen live

What are the best bands you've seen live? These are mine

Faith No More
Machine Head
Kiss (pre makeup reunion - Revenge tour early 90s)
V8 (local band around here - awesome)
Skeletonwtich - They tore it up live!
The Black Dahlia Murder - They were so brutal that I had to see them twice. I came out of those mosh pits bloody and bruised up
Children of Bodom - Amazing band
Ensiferum - Amazing band
Blackguard - I've never seen so much energy in a show
Marilyn Manson - That show was interesting...
Slayer - Nothing is better than a slayer pit and seeing Tom Araya punch some fan in the face (I can't wait until next month - I'm seeing them again with Megadeth and Testament)
Behemoth - They had a lot of visual effects common in black metal and death metal

Those are some of the best bands that I've seen live.

I've seen both Metallica and Machine Head and I can't say that they were the best like you can... Granted I saw Metallica past their prime and they acted completely non-metal throughout the night so they weren't very good... And I think Machine Head must have just been off the night I saw them because they sounded terrible... They sounded like they'd never picked up their instruments before... It was more noise than music...

I wish I could have seen Pantera, though... But they slipped through my fingers when Dimebag died...
I've seen not too many bands live. The best I saw were:

The Killers
Kaiser Chiefs
Lenny Kravitz

And some Polish bands like:
Vavamuffin, EastWest Rockers, Junior Stress, Marika, Afromental.

I wanted to see Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Snow Patrol, Coldplay and many others, but unfortunately... Maybe next time Wink
I saw Dream Theater live just recently.

And I have also seen the Virgil Donati Band live.

My life will be complete when I see Planet X and Symphony X live Smile.
Fleetwood Mack

Deep Purple

Robert Plant, but unfortunately not with Led Zep

George Thorogood

Midnight Oil

iNXS, before they were world famous.
Darkness (lead singer was great rest were dull)


Wasp (at Donnington 1992 - Bass player was a nutcase climbing up the rigs on the side of the stage while still playing bass - might be on Youtube)

Pearl Jam - last tour in Australia... Mike played an amazing guitar solo behind his head during Even Flow... and to think he did the entire show just after getting a new tattoo on his forearm
Lol! I never have been to a big band live Sad
I saw Third Eye Blind live in an old theater. It was the most amazing and intimate way to see the band. After their new album though, they are probably big enough again not to ever come back, but I hope they do.
Nirvana was the best band ive seen live... im an introvert person... silent-type.. more like a geek but im not... Nirvana was the only band that has provoked me to express my inmost ultimate craziness i have never known i posseses...

mi first metal concert was
disturbed papa roach and taproot
it was a good show
my second was 2003 ozzfest too many bands to remember
but disturbed was there and Marylin Manson chevelle and others.

i had tickets for metallica and they canceled also godsmack canceled

hip hop
nelly, fabolous, bigtymers


i actually had tickers for dmx but he canceled twice.
Muse! Very Happy I saw them live in Singapore a couple days ago, and they were even more awesome than I thought they would be. Masterful showmanship, great sense of mood and timing, loads of energy - they transitioned smoothly from one song to the next without breaks at all - and great use of effects and lighting.

Also, they can really sing. That should be a prerequisite for live concerts, but unfortunately not all sound great live. There's that adage that you can tell how much a band paid their sound/Autotune guy by the number of mistakes in a live performance - well, by that performance, Muse might not even need one. Fantastic.
Dream Theater are amazing live !!!

And Children of Bodom are fantastic, too.
Godsmack and Motley Crue put on the best show, but my favorites were Megadeth and Avenged Sevenfold. Also good ones to note are Three Days Grace, Poison, Disturbed, and Bullet For My Valentine.
The Cat Empire
Crooked Fiddle
Vulgar Grad

Are ny 3 favourites.

2 I have seen multiple times and the other I am seeing again next Saturday Smile
Black Crows put on a killer live show. Chili Peppers are very hit or miss. Kiedis' voice is sometimes off key.
I have seen many bands live. The standout for me was seeing Kiss in the early 70s at a small venue. Yes, they were in makeup. You could tell by the way they handled the stage and the music that they were going to be BIG!
There is no doubt in this and you will agree with me that Just
The Rolling Stone :
Metallica - In Kansas City, MO
Biohazard - In Springfield, MO at a small club. They sound almost as good live. Was an awesome show!
Clutch - In Springfield, MO at the same place I saw Biohazard (the place closed down). Another awesome show! Have always loved their groove anyway!
Megadeth, Fear Factory, Flotsem and Jetsom, and KORN - All In Joplin, MO.
Dropkick Murphys - In Kansas City, MO. - Was so long since I have been to a concert! I came out of that pit sweating so hard and my hair looked like I was just caught in a rain storm and my body ached the next day! Age? Maybe? lol
Cant really say which was the best... Loved them all!
I haven't been to many big act concerts... not generally interested in doing so, either. Best shows I've seen:
.: Greg MacPherson; about 3 years ago, or so at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, Sydney, NS. The whole audience was wholly focused on the set and enthralled. Lots of new material and old favorites. By far the most powerful performance I've seen.
.: The Cure - Curiosa Tour, Toronto, 2004
.: Interpol - Curiosa Tour, Toronto, 2004
.: Rick of the Skins - maybe 1999? @ The Marquee, Halifax
.: Elevator Through - 1997 - Gobblefest, Sydney, NS
.: Julie Doiron - 1998 - Gobblefest, Sydney, NS
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