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Google Bump

I was on page 14-15 for keywords "absolutely free domain names" today after googlebot visited I got bumped to page 21, what the HECK!? what did i do wrong?
Your on page 15 for
truespeed wrote:
Your on page 15 for

Yea I'm back up to page 15.
is there a specific page you are targeting?or is it just your home page? either way have you updated the page in a while? i ask this because i would think that the keywords you are after would have a lot of competition and if your site doesn't seem as active as the others that could be one way for you to lose some ranking.

another thing could be what the others are doing. if they are just more active in getting high quality inbound links that you then that could be another problem. are there many different sites in the pages before your's or is it a small set of sites?
It's just my home page, the website gets updated everyday.
I found out the problem was google had an error downloading my sitemap for some reason. I resubmitted it via webmaster tools and all was fine...

I'm at a loss trying to figure out how to get ranked higher on google, any tips? View my website to see what I've done..
The best and also hardest way to increase your ranking is getting quality back link to your site. at the top of the google page rank system is quality back links. what does that mean? well a back link from a site with related content that also has a good amount of backlinks of its own would be the main factor in how your page is ranked. its hard to say for sure but many people talk about the 80-20 rule for your page rank in google. 20% of your ranking comes from all the things you can do from your side including meta tags, keyword optimization, etc. the other 80% comes from how websites and search engines rate and link to you.

just focusing on backlinks and backlink quality will take care of most of your page rank problem Smile
google is changing its algo, so, that is not a big surprise to me. many webmasters out there lost most of their ranking overnight. Just keep up with google's algo, see what's work and what's not to do in terms of linkbuilding, change your strategy and you should be fine.
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