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PS3 - Military Purchase

So I found an article on CNN today about the Department of Defense purchasing 2,200 PS3 machines (see link below). There justification for purchasing them was the affordability of the hardware compared to supercomputing specific hardware from vendors such as IBM. According to the article, the PS3 is sold at a loss by Sony in the hopes to make money off of the sale of games.

I found the article interesting and it got me thinking about the current expense our military spends on training and war game simulations. Theoretically, couldn't commanders and soldiers perform simulated war games using realistic games such as Call of Duty. Obviously this would never be a complete replacement of actual war game simulations but maybe make them more effective and less frequent. If you figure that the cost of 1 PS3 now is $299 and Call of Duty costs about $50 (high estimate), the military could purchase 4,000 PS3 for $1,000,000, well less than the cost of a war game exercise.

Thanks for reading and thank you to all of the our military troops out there serving our country! (I hope you get to enjoy the 2,200 PS3 DoD just purchased!)
socceraggie wrote:
Theoretically, couldn't commanders and soldiers perform simulated war games using realistic games such as Call of Duty.

They've already done this a little. They won't use off-the-shelf games though. They'll use custom-designed games that are more realistic.
(And the games will no doubt emphasize safety, group cooperation, and following orders more than most video games.
What ordinary video game would command you to 'hold this position' or 'cover the retreat route', even though most of the action is taking place elsewhere?
You could also expect a heavy emphasis on being able to avoid civilian casualties.)
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