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Why did you come here?

How did I find this site?
Searching on the web
 70%  [ 12 ]
A friend told me
 11%  [ 2 ]
A colleage told me
 5%  [ 1 ]
Another reason
 11%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 17

Apart from the obvious...... to get a good free hosting site.... what did make you come here?
A friend told me about this site when I was searching for a free host for some simple webpages I was running. So far it has been nice having the free hosting and I find myself searching the posts for interesting topics to discuss. I've even had some scripting issues that other wonderful members have helped me out with.
it's been a while since I last posted here in frihost.

i'm actually just looking for an active forum to participate when I remembered frihost.

i'm glad to be back. Smile
Google, basically - I was searching for a place to host some Python scripts and a few queries later, here I am. Smile
I was searching for a good and free web hosting site to run a simple web page. At that time one of my colleague who is also a member of frihost family told me about this site. Basically When I first visit this site the main thought in my mind was to write something to get points so that they will allow to host my site. After registartion there was a long gap from my side. After a long gap I again visit this site and go through its forums. At that time I found a lot of good topics to discuss. after that it is a daily work for me to go through of the forum contents to find interesting topics.
i reached here when i was searching for free web hosting service providers. Others do not provide reliable service, so i am here.
My friend told me about this site. Now i also want to creat my website Very Happy
for free hosting i guess. Very Happy
It took a lot of searching and just continually clicking links and reading reviews on various places, but I found Frihost eventually, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

I have never been a part of a forum before, I've never had a community where I've fit in, this place is just, well, perfect (for me at least). (Though I'm running out of places to write in the literacy section... That can't be good Razz). Then I really needed a website host that's free (because I'm broke, have no job and have no way of paying for something online anyways since I'm not 18 yet) and frihost seems... like exactly what I've been looking for Smile
i'm here to because this is the best free hosting ever!

i'm glad i'm one of the registry! Very Happy
Am here to be enjoy with earn Wink
I was searching for free hosts and I tried many others, but this one was the one that fitted me better. Google is really useful when you find yourself in this kind of hard situations (finding a good host that's free).
I am come here just want to relax myself because that in realistic society there are so many pressure and it make me feel this forums.I can speak out my thinkings and some people maybe interested in my views and we can discuss about it .
On the other hand ,i can browse other's views and join them ,yeah maybe i can found some good friends.
Importantly, i can read something information from frihost and increase my knowledge .
Does anyone agree with me ? Very Happy
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