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The Ultimate PC Security Guide!

Just a little article i wrote up for helping people stay protected.

************************************************** ****
Keeping your self protected against Virus's and Spyware.

First make sure your antivirus is up to date! If it is not up to date
update it. If you do not have antivirus you are vulnerable. A few good
anti virus's are, Panda software, Grisoft AVG, Norton, Trend Micro.
Another good one is from Grisoft it is called AVG. They have a free
version that is great. They also have a version that you can buy and
it gives you a few more features. There are a few online virus
scanners I will list these addresses below.

Second I would recommend getting spyware scanners. To name a few are
Spybot Search and Destroy, Adaware SE, MS Antispyware. I highly
recommend all of these but you also need to keep these up to date.
Please note that the MS Antispyware is still in beta testing. It is
open to the public.

Please see below for locations of all the programs/service's I
recommended. I would also recommend setting up a schedule for these
scanners to run. If they do not have a scheduler then I would suggest
running a scan manually once a week, even if your computer does not
run any different you can still be infected with a virus, or spyware.

Panda software. ( offers online scans
Norton (
Trend Micro ( offers online scans
Grisoft ( has free version available that is
fully functional, and updates automatically everyday.
The free version is here:
Spybot S&D (
Adaware SE (
MS Antispyware (
ZoneAlarm ( Has a free firewall
Spybot S&D,
Spybot Search and Destroy is a very powerful spyware scanner. Please
if you plan on using this product read the supplied tutorial. Spybot
also gives you options to back up your registry so that when it
removes entries if your computer is not running right afterwards you
can always go to your original registry entries.

AdAware SE,
Adaware is also a very powerful spyware scanner but is slightly more
user friendly then Spybot. Adaware has a few versions of its spyware
utility. SE, Personal, Professional. Anyone of these programs will
work and they are all very user friendly.

MS Antispyware, (you need to be running windows 2000 or XP and it
needs to be a legal version)
Microsoft's Antispyware utility is still in beta but do not
underestimate this utility I rank it up there with Spybot and Adaware.
What makes MS's version stand out is that it has real time protection
that you can configure to watch over the actions that are being
implemented on your PC. Again I can not stress more that this program
is still in its beta stages (may contain bugs) I have not found
anything wrong with the program as of yet.

Other Utilities,
There are MANY other utilities you can use for viruses, Trojans, and
spyware. I would advise reading up on these utilities before you
download them. If you have any questions about a particular utility
please do not hesitate to ask me, or any other trained professionals.
Below I will list a few forums and WebPages with these utilities.
There are many hoaxes out there that disguise them self as legit
utilities. A few of the utilities that specialize in certain threats
are CWShredder, MacAfee Avert Stinger, about:Buster, kill2me and
HSRemove. Again I must stress that you read about these programs
before using them.

MajorGeeks ( Utilities and Forums
Bullguard ( forum for virus's
Sysinternals ( Utilities

*This article reflects my personal and professional experiences with
removing spyware, Trojans and viruses. If you are infected and need
assistance getting your self clean contact a trained
ManKind Monster
thanks, you help me very much. Very Happy
Heh, everything you said, I wouldn't recommend, they are NECESSARY for a remotely safe PC. Also, I would have to say to NOT use Internet Explorer, its full of security holes and what not, also, it is the dominant browser, used mainly by idiots who can't turn on a PC, so this is who spammers attack. Obviously, I recommend Firefox.
Quite a good article, you cover some very important points - especially the fact that MS antispyware is in BETA. Therefore i do not recommend using it.
But good antivirus and antispyware products do not cover all points. Another very important piece of software to have is a firewall. Windows firewall (Windows SP2) is quite good, but i do not use it because although it protects from incoming packets it does not secure outgoing information. Instead i use the basic Zone Alarm firewall. Also i strongly recommend against the use of KAPERSKYs firewall.
My list - very simple but effective

Get a Firewall
Get an Antivirus - and update it daily.
Get Antispyware - and update it daily.
Use Firefox.
Update Windows the second new updates are released.
Don't ever download anything unless you know EXACTLY what it is!!
Dont you think this is a bit overboard calling this thread "the ultimate pc security guide" The stuff youve listed off is basic security, im not saying its bad infact most is very good to use but its by no means guranteed and in my opinion ultimate pc security comes from the users experience, something you cant write down its just something you know.
I dont pretend to know everything about security but I do know more than will be covered in any "guide".
Thats just my view though, people shouldnt take anything like this as the be all and end all, it will fix 99% of problems but not all of them.
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