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Japanese to English help

Hi I love this song but i wanna know the translation if someone can help me Very Happy

Akai Sweet Pea / Rosario + Vampire

Haru iro no kisha ni notte umi ni tsurete itte yo
Tabako no nioi no shatsu ni sotto yorisou kara
Naze shiriatta hi kara
Hantoshi sugitemo anata tte
Te mo nigiranai

I will follow you anata ni tsuite yukitai
I will follow you chopiri ki ga yowai kedo
Suteki na hito dakara
Kokoro no kishibe ni saita akai suiito pii

Shigatsu no ame ni furarete eki no benchi de futari
Hoka ni hitokage mo nakute fui ni kimazuku naru
Naze anata ga tokei wo chiraa to miru tabi
Nakisou na kibun ni naru no?

I will follow you tsubasa no haeta buutsu de
I will follow you anata to onaji seishun
Hashitte yukitai no
Senro no waki no tsubomi wa akai suiito pii

Suki yo kyou made atta dare yori
I will follow you anata no iki kata ga suki
Kono mama kaerenai kaerenai
Kokoro ni haru ga kita hi wa akai suiito pii
TIP: go to youtube and search for subbed version of the song.
As per my suggestion you can use online language translator services.They can easily translate Japanese language to English language and also you can get many benefit from them.
The phonetics for the japanese words are typed in english, so google translation or any translator will not work.
But yes, youtube, with subs might work - hopefully....
Here you are... Very Happy

Take me to the beach
On a spring-coloured train
I'll snuggle up to your shirt that smells of cigarettes
Why is it that it's been half a year
Since we met
And you still
Won't even hold my hand?

I will follow you
I want to follow you
I will follow you
Even though I'm a bit weak-willed
Because you're a wonderful person
My red sweet pea
Growing on the shore of my heart

Sitting together on the bench
At the station in the spring rain
There's no sign of anyone else
And suddenly things get awkward
Why is it that every time
You glance at your watch
I feel like crying?

I will follow you
In winged boots
I will follow you
I want to run
Through the same youth as you
The bud by the tracks
Is a red sweet pea

I love you more than anyone else
I've ever met
I will follow you
I love the way you live
I cant go home (I cant go home) like this
The day spring came in my heart
A red sweet pea grew
For most of anime theme songs you can find their lyrics, phonetic transcript and english translation here:
Rosario + Vampire has lots of beautiful song BTW.
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